Transcript for Missionary reports, 1831-1900, Church History Library

Dec 11. 1856 Absalom P. Dowdle to Ed Deseret News Australian Mission Sydney New South Wales December 11th 1856 No 57 Yurong Street Wooloomooloo To the Editor of the Deseret News Dear Sir With pleasure I take the liberty to announce to you of the safe arrival of the ten Elders from Salt Lake city on Missions to these Islands they left San Francisco the twenty first august on Board the General Wool for Melbourne Victoria Colony Australia they arrived in Melbourne the twenty Sixth November after a very tedious passage of one Hundred and four days they are all in good health and ful of the Spirit of there Mission and I feel to thank God that they have been blessed to arrive safe in our Midst. Elders Z.Snow. W.M Wall. J.C. Whitbeck, left Melbourne in company with Elder Wm Baxter for Sydney the third inst. and arrived here the ninth inst. I took Much pleasure in greeting them on their missions they are all desirous to enter on their fields of labour. This Morning we met in Council when we took into consideration appointments and it was decided that Elders W. M. Hall. George W. Parish L. R Chaffin to Labour in the Colony of New South Wales Elders J.A Kelting A P Chesley T L Johnson James Phelps in the Colony of Victoria under the Presidency of Elder William Baxter Elders Z. Snow. J.C. Whitbeck. T.E. Fleming in the Colony of South Australia Elders Joseph Kelly. M.P. Crandle to the Island of Tasmania. Elder A.J. Stewart. George Clark has not yet arrive but I am looking for them every day and when they arrive they will be appointed to New Zealand, with Amasa Potter. The prospects at present are cheering and I have every reason to believe that a good work will yet be accomplished in these Colonys in connections with that which has been done and as a general thing the Saints are rejoicing in the truth and unitedly exserting every effort to role forth the work of God I am at the present time enjoying good health Spirits and anxious to do all I can to build up the Kingdom of our Father and feel to ask an intrest in your Prayers Please remember me to Bro Brigham and all the Brethren and accept [the] my love yourself Praying that the Lord will bless you in all your undertakings Your Brother in the Gospel Covenant Absalom P. Dowdle To Elder A.C. Carrington PS Elder John H Said from San Francisco is labouring in the North East Section of New South Wales with much success and has already been Baptizing APD