Transcript for Missionary reports, 1831-1900, Church History Library

[page 1] [f0026_00015> Plain city May 11th 1877 Bro Clark I promised to give you a short account of my mission but I have neglected it up to the present I was called at the October conference 1873 to go to Scotland Started on the 20th of October in company with 17 Elders arived in Scotland all well found my mother 78 years of age and a large Serkel of friends went to work preaching the Gospel in that Land when there about few weeks I received notice from the Presidin at Liverpool that I was apointed to take charge of the Australian Mission I then started to London took Stean Ship for Sydney our Ship run ashore in St alenia Helena Bay I held meetings in the vessel and preached the Gospel to 150 people introduced the Gospel in St alenia and distributed a number of pamphelets then passed on to Africa Stoped there Six days at cape town introduced the Gospel and Spread quite a number of pamplets arived in Sydney after a pasage of 78 days labored in the colany of new South wails for two months got the Branch in [page 2] Order then Started for Melbourne the colany of Victoria labored there for three months then returned to Sydney and labored there about three months then returned to Melbourne labored there some time then went to the colany of tasamania introduced the Gospel in the place Baptized a few people then I was taken with a severe Sickness and beind a lone in the land I was not able to speak in public on acount of a Severe Bleding at the longs I then returned to Melbourne and received a letter from president G.A. Smith to return home if my helth was not better I then returned to Sydney labored among the Saints a Short time and returned home having Baptized 48 in diferant places was gone one year and Six months this is a very short acount of my travels but you may get a few items I remain your Bro in the Gospel Elder William Geddes [page 3] 11th 31st May 1877 Wm. Geddes Mission to Australasia