Transcript for Missionary reports, 1831-1900, Church History Library

1 George C. Riser’s account of his mission At a general conference held in G.S.L City Sept. 6th 1852 I was appointed a mission to Europe. 15th In company with 72 others I left G.S.L City for the east with horse teams. Nov. 2nd We arrived at and crossed the Missouri river, Near Coonville, after disposing of our wagons and horses, I took Steamer with Several of the brethren on the 10th at St Joseph for St. Louis where I arrived on the 14th 16th I left St Louis for Cincinatti where I arrived on the 23rd Some of the elders went to direct to New York and others to visit their friends, all agreeing to meet at New York. It was whispered to me that I should go to a town called “Carrington” where I fortunately met my brother-in-law, who took me to my fathers house. I visited among my relatives and baptized my father and my step-mother in December much of the power of God was manifest at the time of their confirmations. My father accompanied me a few miles on my way eastward. On the 8th Dec. being impressed upon I ordained him an elder. Dec. 10th At Marion, Ohio I took cars for New York where I arrived on the 12th. While here I attended several meetings. 17th In company with 21 elders I sailed for Liverpool. Jan. 5th 1853 We arrived in Liverpool. Visited and preached to the Saints in Liverpool, Leeds and Hull. 20 In company with Elders George Myer, Jacob F Secrest, Jacob Houtz and Orson Spencer I sailed from Hull for Hamburg where we arrived on the 22nd. 2 1853 We found bro Daniel Carn in his room No 22 Rosen- strasse. In the evening had a fine time of rejoicing at a meeting of the Saints. I visited among, and preached to the Saints untill. – Feb. 4th When Elder Jacob F Secrest and I went to Minister and got our pasports signed for the Dukedom of Mecklenburg; and went to Boitzenburg where we spent two weeks we baptized a few, and many others received the truth Some of which were afterwards baptized by elder Carn at Hamburg We were so closely watched by the police, that it was with great difficutly that we attended to the ordinance of bap- tism at all; Many people would take us in to converse with us, although contrary to the laws. And often upon getting up in the morning, we would be impressed upon to change our quarters when in a few minutes after our departure the police would enter and make search for us. Feb. 20th We returned to Hamburg and labored among the Saints there untill March 22. Agreeably to council from pres. Carn I left Hamburg to visit my friends and relatives in Wurtemburg 600 miles South East from Hamburg. Elder Myer accompanied me about 500 miles to Marburg, where he took another route to Switzerland. In this place I attempted to dispose of some of the church works, and obtained per- mission to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ but after much delay and inquiry I was refused and strongly threatened with imprisonment. While the Authorities were consulting, I kept talking and expounding prin- ciple to them untill they finaly decided that I could only remain over night. March 25 I proceeded on My Journey to my native town where Korwesthime Konwestheim where I arrived next morning 3 Here I met some of my old acquaintances and was welcomed with every demonstration of joy. After conversing with them about our connections both there and in America, I visited the Priest in order to ask permission to preach in the church: He out of courtesy made me welcome, but when I made known what I wanted, he said he could not allow me the church to preach in as it would be contrary to law, but said he: You can have the School house to preach in (for which I thanked Him). I immediately asked him to be present. In the evening I met many of my old friends at my uncle John and George Hoffman’s and conversed with them on the subject of Mormonism. March 28 I preached in the School house, about 200 persons attended and there would have been more had there been room. The parson of the Town I had invited, my old School Master, and a parson from a neighboring town were present, the latter took notes. After the meeting was opened I took my text “Truth.” Upon which I spoke with great freedom for one hour and a half. I then invited any one to Speak who desired. The Town parson got up and said; he had been very much edified, that I had spoken freely, but in some inst- ances I had come in contact with their old established tradi- tions and belief which had been handed down to them for many generations, and in some things he should differ, but declined having any discussion in public on the subject, and wished me to converse with him in private. I replied I would prefer conversing upon them in public so the people might be able to Judge for themselves, and if I had made any statement that could not be proven from the Bible. I was ready to have them shown me. 4 The parson further said he only wished the people to take the advice I had previously given, i.e. every one to hear and judge for himself. The same evening I held another meeting at my uncle’s. The people appeared to be very much interested. March 29 Accompanied by my uncle I went to Stutgart the capitol of the kingdom of Wurtem- burg. After several attempts to preach in private and being rejected. I employed a Lawyer to get up a petition to the Kings Spiritual Ministry for the privaledge of disposing of some of my books and of preaching in the Kingdom. I also Sent the King a copy of the “Voice of Warning.” April 5 I was Sent for to appear before the Mayor of the Town of Ludwigsburg, to answer various questions He asked where in we differed from the old Lutherian Church. To which I answered, and then showed him the organization of the church of God, all of which was reported and Sent to Stutgart together with the book of Mormon, which he required me to furnish saying the cabinet at Stutgart required the book and my answers to their Questions. 11th I was again summoned before the Mayor to hear the descission of the Government, which was read to me It gave me no liberty whatever to preach publickly or privately, and that I must gather in my books that I had loaned out and leave the Kingdom immediately They returned my books to me. I asked the Mayor how much I was in debted to him for his trouble, he replied; that as you travel and preach without purse or scrip I shall make no charge. 5 I was granted 8 days to visit my friends, but with strict orders to hold no more meetings. During the 8 days I visited, by invitation both people & priests, baptized one in the night, Several more were only waiting an opportunity to be baptized; I was continualy surrounded by enquirers. April 25. I went to the mayor and reserved My Passport with strict injunctions to leave next day, as I had already out stayed my time. 26th Spent the day in writing letters and in the evening I read to Several of my friends, the Reve- lation on Patriarchial marriage, and gave them considerable instruction and council which was gratefully received. Upon my departure the parson and many of the people came and gave me money to pay my passage to Hamburg 27th Started for Hamburg where I arrived on the 30th and met Elders Carn & Secrest in good health. May 2nd In Council, it was decided that, bro. Secrest and myself, should go to England, and ont the 3rd we Sailed for Hull where, after a severe spell of Seasickness we arrived on the 6th 10th I arrived in Liverpool and received an appoint- ment from pres. S.W. Richards to labour in the Shef- field Pastorate, under Pastor Edward Bunker where I laboured untill Jan. 1854. Jan. 1854 I was appointed to the presidency of the German mission at Hamburg, thereby, releasing Elder Daniel Carn to return home. Consequently I left Liverpool for Hamburg via. Hull in company with John Van Cott who was enroute for Copenhagen. We arrived at on the 4 of Feb 6 Feb 5th 1854, While here I preached twice, each week, in a private room Baptized some that belived my testimony of the truth pr I also published the Revelation on Marriage & Elder Orson Spencers Patriarchial Order, in pamphlet form, in Elder Daniel Carn’s name he having translted it into the German language with the assistance of Elder Alexander O th, before their departure to for England. I enjoyed peace and held many good meetings among the Saints untill 13th of July July 13th While preaching to the Saints I was arrested by the police, and was taken before the Mayor of Hamburg, and at 2 p.m. was taken to prison & loged in a room containing Six or Seven of the most degraded & filthy criminals. July 15th Mr. Bromberg the American Consul, visited me & said he would do all in his power to get me released. 18th at 11. a.m. I was taken before the magistrate for examination he asked he cause of my being there I told him it was for teaching the truth. After which I was returned to prison, at 2 p.m. Mr. Bromberg visited me again and through his Influence I was removed to a more comfortable prison, at 6 oclock in the evening. 19th I was again brought before the Magistrate, in con- nection with bro. Neilsot Neilson, Many of the Saints, were present also many Strangers present. 21st Had another examination of about two hours and was returned to prison. Sept. 5 We were taken before the Senate when Mr. Bender, president of the Senate, read the decissions: - 7 That we were both to be discharged that day, and pay no expenses except our board, the police Services and a trifle for getting out of the first prison in to a more comfortable one. Mr. Bender Said I had to thank the U.S. Consul for my deliverance. (for further particulars see Milleniel Star page 620 Vol. 16.) Sept 6. I sailed for Liverpool according to Counsell In connection with many several of the brethren I visited many of the conferences in England, Spent considerable time at the Liverpool Mill. Star. Office untill Feb. 3. 1855 Feb 3. 1855 I Sailed from Liverpool for Philadelphia on board the Ship “Isaac Geans” in company with Elder Jacob F. Secrest & 70 German Saints. March 6. In the morning arrived at Philadelphia, after discharging disposing of some of our books & some of the luggage of the Saints, to help them off, We took cars for Cincinatti where we arrived on the 12th 12th I spent a few days in procuring employment for the Saints. I then visited my friends in the northern part of the State, preaching when ever I found opportunity for about 2 weeks. I then returned to Cincincinatti where I laboured in the Ministry untill the 30th May. May 30th I took Steamer “Alma” for St. Louis where I arrived June 2nd preached here twice, and then took Steamer for “Atchison” in company with several Elders and Saints having made an engagement with Bro Seth M. Blair to drive team acrast the plains for him. 5 Arrived at Atchison – 7th our company was organ- ized, I was appointed captain of the 2nd Ten of the Texian company. I had a slight atack of the Cholera but exercised all the faith possible & kept at work getting the wagons and teams ready for a start 16th We started. 19th Several of the Saints were atacked with the cholera. On the 20th A company of Twelve Missionaries from G S L City under the pres- idency of Hectar C. Haight came to our camp we had already buried 12 persons and many more were sick with the cholera. The missionaries stoped and laid hands on the sick; gave us good council. Some of the accompanied us a few miles. Before the cholera left our Camp we buried Thirty five persons, After which the Camp enjoyed loterably good health. I arrived in G.S.L. City on the 11th of Sept. 1855, having been absent on my Mission three years lacking three days. G. C. Riser (??)