Transcript for Missionary reports, 1831-1900, MS 6104, Church History Library

August 15th 1834. I left Kirtland to the east to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ went to Westfield and as far as Villenova, and Perrysburg and about in that region of country baptised and added some to the Church in Villenova, and Baptised some in Hanover, Ohio, Chautauqua Co., N.Y. organized a branch in that Town of about 13 members, then returned to the west again into the Town of Waine, Ashtabula Co.. Ohio where I organized a branch of Saints had baptized 3 and baptised 3 more then to Kirtland Dec 17th 1834 having baptised in all while gone from Kirtland 17. Stayed at Kirtland through the winter went to School about two months and a half baptised T. Salisbury in the course of the winter - the 10 of April (1835) went east about 50 miles into Ashtabula Co. where I laboured in the Gospel some and returned and attended the meeting held on the 26th - fourth of May traveled east to the Town of Lyons N.Y. where I preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ in that region of country til the latter part of June after which time I laboured with my hands until the 12th Aug. then returned to Kirtland - arrived there 14th Aug. 1835. on this mission I baptised none but preached on new ground found the people willing to hear, and left many partially believing. Abridged in Kirtland on this 19th day of Aug. 1835, by my hand. Truman Wait