Transcript for Missionary reports, 1831-1900

[page 1] Pettyville, Sanpete Co. 22nd Sepr 1879 Epitome of Missionary Journal of Louis Demott Bunce To Hon. Orson Pratt, Church Historian. Dear Brother, I was called on a mission to Great- Britain at the April Conference . 1878, and set apart on the 6th March following by Elders Daniel H. Wells and George Reynolds, the latter being mouth. I left Utah for my field of labor on the next day and arrived at New York on the 12th and sailed on the 13th in the s.s. “Wyoming” in company with 18 other Elders. W.H. Bramall being president of the company. We landed in Liverpool on the 27th of same month and on the same day I was set apart to labor in the Liverpool Conference under the direction of Thomas Barratt, the President of said Conference. On the next day I met with M. Steele whom I was sent to succeed as Traveling Elder. For five days he escorted me throughout the Conference introducing me to the brethren and sisters and explaining matters pertaining to the Conference. For three months after he left me I labored alone in the Liverpool Conference a stranger in a strange land I meeting the President only three times during the whole of that time. Having started out without purse of scrip. and the brethren bein in great destitution through being “out on strike”, I suffered [page 2] greatly for the necessaries of life which enfeebled my health, but for all this it was manifest to me that the Spirit of the Lord was poured out upon me and I was rewarded at beholding abundant proofs of the success of my labors. At the end of the three months Bro. Jas. L. Bunting joined me as Traveling Elder and we labored together, having great success in our ministry baptizing many and establing new Branches In the month of October in the same year President Berdge, having heard of my increased illness and physical incapacity to remain longer in my present field of labor, released me to return home, much against my inclination. By the request of Prest. Berdge, my last labor prior to setting sail, was to baptize Bro. Mark Baldwin, he having been brought into the fold through my ministry, and he refusing to be baptized by any other person than myself, had followed me to Liverpool for that purpose. Bro. Baldwin is still firm in the Faith and withal a wealthy man, and as soon as he can sell out his property will gather to Zion. I sailed from Liverpool with the last company of Saints for that year, on the 19th Oct., arriving at New York on the 30th, reaching Salt Lake City on the 6th Nov. and the next day reported myself to Prest. Taylor and was honorably discharged. Since my return home I have been highly gratified at [Page 3] receiving several letters from brethren in the Liverpool Conference who express their regret at my leaving them and hoping that I will soon return to them. Some are on the point of gathering. Since the time of my arrival home to within two months ago I suffered badly with my health and was unable to perform any work: but now, I am thankful to say, my health is restored, and if the Authorities, in their wisdom, think fit to call me on another mission to any part of the world I am willing to comply, as I deem it. I did not serve out my full time in Great-Britain. I feel firm and steadfast in the Faith and desirous to do - what the Lord wills of me. Very Respectfully Your Brother in the Gospel Louis D. Bunce [page 4] 22 Sept. 1879 L. D. Bunce O. Pratt