Transcript for Missionary reports, 1831-1900, MS 6104, Church History Library

A Journal of the travels of Milton Holmes I Milton was Born the 16 Day of Jany 1811 in the Town of Rowley County of Essex State of Massachusetts In this place I lived until I was 21 years of age in the fall of 1832 I imbraced the new and Everlasting Covenant and was Baptised on the 2 Day of December I lived in that place till the fall of 1833 and on the Seventh Day of November I Started for Ohio where I arrived on the 2 Day of December in the town of Kirtland County of Geauga whear I remained until the 3 Day of February 1834 During which time I laboured with my others I then was ordained to Preach the Gospel and Received the office of an Elder I tarried in Kirtland until the 5 Day of May I then joined the Camp of the Saints and with them Journeyed to the land of Missouri we arrived in Clay County on the 18 Day of June After I arrived their I Commen laboured with my hands untill the 23 day of December I then Started By permission of the high Council on a Mission to the South in Company with Bro Joseph Whalbrook I traveled with him 206 Miles and held 2 meetings I was then appointed By A Council of Elders to travel with William S Ivie And on the 12 Day of January 1835 Started for Tennessee We traveled 507 miles held 9 meetings and Baptised two and arrived in Tennessee Bedford County where we memained untill the first Day of June while we wear in that State to we held Traveled 150 miles held 25 meetings and Baptised 5 on the 1 Day of June Started for Illinois traveled 200 miles and arived in Hamilton County where we fell in Company with Elders E Groves and J Higbee we remained labouring with them a Bout 3 weeks while we wear together we held 18 meetings and Baptised 33 and ordained 2 Elders on the first Day of June we parted Elder E Groves And J Higbee Started for Kirtland Elder Ivie and my Self remained, labouring in the Church till the 23 Day of September in that time we traveled 485 miles held 21 meetings and Baptised 7 on the 23 Day of Sept Elder Ivie Started for Missouri and I remained in the Church teaching the Saints untill the 13 Day of March teaching the Saints the peaceable things of the Kingdom from House to House and baptised three on the 13 Day of March I Started for Kirtland traveled 600 miles and arived at Kirtland on the 29 Day of March 1836