Transcript for Missionary reports, 1831-1900, MS 6104, Church History Library

Mount Pleasant Sanpete County February the 28 1877 Br Orson Pratt Church Historian At the Semiannual Conference held in Salt Lake City October sixth 1876 I was called to take a mission to the United States I left my house in this place in company with Br Edward Cliff the third of November left Salt Lake City the 7th of Novemb- er had a prosperous Journey across the plains to Omaha was assigned to Labor in the North Western district under the dire ction of President James A Little travailed in Nebraska and Iowa Visited some in Missouria had a number of Meetings in Fremont and Decature Counties had good congregations and good Order Spoke a great deal on the first Principles of the Gospel and the signs of the times and Prophecy visited a great many Familes at their houses succeeded in removeing a great deal of Prejadis and cor rected many irroneous Ideas we were treated varry kindly as a rule had some opposition from the Preists and Josephites Br Cliffs health failed to that extent that it became a absolute nes sesity that he return home consequently, he was released it not being though wise that he return alone I was released to return with him and report at the Historians office which I have done we had a prosperous Journey across the plains arived in Salt Lake City February 13th 1877 thankful to God and Heavenly Father for his pro tecting care and for the portion of the Holy Spirit that we injoyed. I am as ever your Brother in the Gospel William F Reynolds [Feb. 28, 1877] [Wm. F. Reynolds’ account] [of his] [Mission to the U. States.]