Transcript for Missionary reports, 1831-1900, MS 6104, Church History Library

Daniel Stephens Report: I was baptized in June 1832 at Post Creek in Stuben County (NY) by Elder Wm Quigley of that place and in July following was ordained an Elder under the hand of Wm. Wilsey of Bradford County (Pa) and from that time forth until Nov the 26th 1833 when I arrived in Kirtland after preaching in the several places herein mentioned commencing at Millport Tioga County at Vienna Ontario County Six Nations Steuben County Liberty corners to County Port Creek to County all of (Ny) then at Fishing Creek Columbia County Springville Susquehannah County all of (Pa) then at Spaffors [left blank] County attended Conference then at Butternuts Otsego C Chenango point [left blank] County Port De Posit Church Delaware County all of (Ny) Springville Susquehannah County Northamoreland Luzerne County Exeter du County Dalais du Canton Bradford County Rutlands du County Troy du County all of (Pa) South Creek Tioga County Hector Tompkins County Veteran Tioga County Genesco [left blank] County all of (Ny) the morepart of these places I have preached several times and laid hands on many that were sick which were healed of diverse diseases baptised some confirmed some and ordained some and attended several Conferences and Councils and after leaveing the Butternuts I took the canal and came to Buffalo and from thence up the lake to Fairport and then to Kirtland next to Florence and thence to Clay County Mo. With the Lords Army and back again preaching by the way commenceing at Carroll County and held meetings in the several places Salt River Sangamon Decator Eugene Crawfordsville Sidney Upper Sandusky Florence Brownhelm Amherst and Kirtland in this time I have traveled 4370 miles, held 129 meetings about 30 were healed under my hands Baptised and confirmed 6 Sat in 6 Conferences of Elders Ordained one Elder have done about 200 days works, etc. Kirtland Geauga County Ohio Feb the 16th 1835 Daniel Stephens, Eld.