Transcript for Missionary reports, 1831-1900, MS 6104, Church History Library

Plymouth May 15 1874 Box Elder CO Utah Brother Prat I Left my hous on the 17.18074 November went to ogden City on the 20 day of November left ogden City the 20 on the cairs for the Stats went to coure on the 25 Stade thir won mounth left thir and went to North Carlina wheair I found a grate opning for the gospel brother Jonas Whitaker was thair from Willard city was heald som meeatings and done a grate deal of taeching by the fie side my son William was with me all the time I baptised 8 pirsons and staeid from North carlina with 9 on tusday April 17.1877 came to ogden city April 27 thair is a grate maney (?) beleavers in that contey if thair wod (?) elder go thair thay wod do a grate deal of good if you do send anney elders let them send to me And I well give them direct Show whair to go this is all I remain your Brother and frend in the gospel of Christ H D Pierson my rile name is Pierson I had my name rong if you Please show this the Present of the Chirch May 19, 1877 H. D. Pierson To O. Pratt