Transcript for Missionary reports, 1831-1900, MS 6104, Church History Library

M. 1st. I left Nauvoo on the 12th of August, 1843, on a special mission to South, and returned on the 7th June, 1744; in which time I travelled four thousand four hundred and forty-four (4444) miles. Held --- one hundred and seventy-six Meetings and baptized one hundred and eighteen persons, all in the States of Alabama and Mississippi. 2nd. I left Nauvoo on a special mission, for to collect tithing on the 23rd of Oct. 1844, and returned a few days before the April Conference 1845, in which time I held many meetings. Baptized sixteen persons and delivered into the hands of the Trustees-in-Trust $1047 cash. Benj. L. Clapp. Nauvoo, Nov. 17, 1845.