Transcript for Missionary reports, 1831-1900, MS 6104, Church History Library

Be it known to all whom it may concern that this is a true record of the procedings of Nathan West in the ministry or acting as an Elder of the Church of the latter day saints I was ordained an Elder under the hand of Harvy Whillock July 20th 1833 in Jackson County Mo but on account of the persecution of the Church by a mob or the inhabetants of Jackson Co Mo I was deprived of labouring any the Word untill the 13th of September 1834 on which day I started with Levi Hancock to travel from Liberty Clay County Missouri to travel and Preach by the way to Kirtland Ohio we traveled on without having any oportunity of Preaching untill we arrived at Terre Haute in the State of Indiana where we stoped and held two metings but without affecting any particular good we then traveled on without stoping to Preach on account of Bro Levi being in a great hurry to get home to his family untill we arrived at Winchester Randolph County Indiana where we arrived on the 7th of August at the House of Oliver Walker and on the evening of the Same day held meeting at the House of Wm Walker in Winchester we had three other meetings in this place one on the 10th and two on the 12th on the 16th went to Henry County about thirty Ms to the South West and on the 17th held meting and on the 19th again we then left more apointme nts and on the 20th started to return to Winchester and held meting by the way that Evening the next day 21st held meting again on our way home having left the apointment as we went down the next day 22nd Bro Levi left me to go home on Sunday the 26th I went and Preached at Missisina wa about seven miles distant and left an apointment for the Sunday following. On Tuesday the 28th went to Henry Co again and Preached three times and left more apointments to be filled in two Weeks Nov 2nd agreable to apointment Preached at Missisin awa I then went again to Henry Co where I labored for the space of two weeks Preaching almost evry day being entirely alone Tuesday the 18th Bro Zebedee Coultrin came to me as I was Preaching one Evening in a school House which rejoiced me very much as I was almost wourn down we then labored together in this place for the space of near two weeks and many beleved but only two obeighd to wit Austin Hammer and Hannah York whom I Baptised and Bro Z Confirmed and Bro Z Ordained Bro Austin to the office of an Elder we then started to Ohio and stoped and Preached once in the Town of Eaton and twice in the Citty of Dayton where the People were very friendly We then Came on to the New Portage Church where we arrived on Saturday the 20 of December and staid over Sunday and held meeting with the Church I then left Bro Z and went to my Fathers in Nelson Portage Co where I staid and visited my friends untill Sunday the 4th of January on which day I preached at the House of Elisha Whiting in Nelson [Nathan West] [Journal] [1834]