Transcript for Missionary reports, 1831-1900, MS 6104, Church History Library

Report of Mission to Canada Bro. Geo. A. Smith, As it is required of us to make a report of our proceedings whilst on missions, I will com- ply with the request. I left Salt Lake City on the 23rd of Ap’l /57 in company with the Hand-carts. After a successful trip over the plains we arrived at Glosener (Old Winter Q) June 11th. Reinand at ‘til July 2nd working for means to carry more to my field of labor, when I was called on to accompa- ny Bros Taylor & Snow as an escort to [illegible] Kearney. Returned to Glosener again on 15th of July. I got to the City of Toronto C.W. on the 9th of Sept. having to worked my way. I remained at this Point Tal Oct 1st Then was called to start for home. came into Ills Hancock Co. & spent the winter in getting means to bring me home. came home on 15 of June /58 in co. with Capts. D. Buriton & Jms. Bessy. I feel say the I was well treato on my mission. I also feel to Thank my Heavenly father for his protecting care over me. Yours & c Ogden City U.S. Ed Thos. Browning Mar 16 /59 15 June 1858 Thomas Brownings account of his Mission Report of Mission for E. T. Browning