Transcript for "Biography of Mary Soar Taylor Moore," 1-2.

We left Iowa City as "Martin's Company". We had a perilous journey across the plains, had to endure many hardships. We encountered snow in the Black Hills which continued till we arrived in Salt Lake City.

My son William, was taken sick with the mountain fever 700 miles from Salt Lake City, and myself and Jesse had to pull him in our cart till we arrived at the Sweetwater where teams from Salt Lake City met us and there wer left our carts. Previous to this time we had to subsist on four ounces of flour a day for nine days in the snow knee deep. It is said six hundred started in our company and nearly one half died before we arrived at our destination.

Many had their limbs badly frozen. William and myself among the number. We arrived in Salt Lake City on the last day of November of the same year after suffering many hardships and privations for the truth's sake, but I know my record is sure. . .

I could not stand on my feet for three months after I arrived.