Transcript for Morgan, O. J., Account book, 1877-1878, 98-104

July 9 We go to Camp to join Captain Preston Company[.] I Bot a Whip for $1.00 Rubber Coat $4.00 I paid for them.

[July] 10 I paid Captain Preston $9.00 for joining his company, I am guarding the cattle at 7 o'clock untill 11½[.] we are off at 12 Travell 9 miles camp at the Big Popie [Papillon.] an accient acceident happened at the Bridge. A Waggon upsett but it is all Right now[.] Two young Ladies Was hurt

[July] 11 Fine Day Starting off at 11½ our Company Consist of 66 waggons[.] we traveled 12 miles and Camped at Elk Corn [Horn]. we are very tired[.] we camp by the River In accident.

12 I Paid William Richards $5.00 for Showing me how to drive and yoke the oxen. we Started at 7 oclock travell till 11. Camp for dinner[.] off again at 2[.] stop at 4 o clock[.] verry Happy[.] traveled 16 miles and saw some Log Houses on the Way[.] we traveled through some Beautyfull Land[.] we are to the Platt[e] River

13 Started off again at 8 o clock we go along the Platt River[.] this is A nice Hunting Ground also good fishing[.] Lots of Prairie Hens verry Cool this morning[.] Heavey dew[.] camp at 12[.] 3 Indians came in begging for Bread Wich was cheerfull given them by the Company[.] off again at 4 we saw an Indian fishing for Cat fish with a Gun Stop after traveling 16 miles at 6 o clock

14 Cool But fine[.] this is a beautyfull place for Settlers[.] Corn Wheat Barley and Rye can be seen Growing in Some Places[.] off at 8 Camp at 11 off at 2[.] we Pass A Beautyfull fields of Corn[.] we go along the Telegraph and we see some Indians

July 14 Every day Camped at 6 after traveled 18 miles Platt River

15 Paid Preston 1.00 for ferryage[.] off again at 7½[.] we are 75 miles from Omaha[.] Camp at 11½ for to cross the River Camp for dinner at 2[.] Off at 4 Camped after traveling 15 miles verry good Pasture here for the Oxen & Cows. we are Close by the Platt[e] River[.] Every thing is level.

16 Off at 7¾[.] the Road is good to Day traveled till 11¾[.] Camp for dinner[.] it is astonishing to see the Beautifull ground With out any Cultivations[.] off at 3 Cold and Rainy Camp after travell 16 miles at 5 o clock [illegible]

17 off at 8 Cold and Rainy[.] the Hunters are verry bussy after wild bucks and Prairie Hens f f Camp at 12[.] off at 3[.] we camp at 6¼ after travelled 20 Miles[.] one of the [ illegible] teamsters shot a fish to day weighing 13½ lbs[.] verry Cold

18 Cold and Rainy the Horn is Blowed this morning for Prayer at 6 o clock[.] off at 7½ Camp for dinner at 11½ severale of the Pawnees assite [aside] the Camp—they are friendly so far[.] Off at 2¾[.] we are verry tired after travell 20 Miles Camp at 6

19 Heavy Thunder storm Early this morning[.] off at 8[.] Camp at 1 after travelling 12 miles We herd to Day that the people of New York City is Resisting the Draft and that the Streets of that noble city is flowing with Blood[.] I could but weep when thinking of the Happy times I spend in that Noble City for the last 4 years but it is the wrong of her people that Cause this[.] we Camp at Wood River.

20 Off at 8¼ Camp at 12 Off again at 3½[.] Camp at 5½ after traveling 15 miles[.] At Wood River Centrall Every thing is all right

21 off at 9¼ A Lady belonging to the Company was acc[id]entley shot yesterday While a man was Putting a cap on his Revolver[.] it is expected that she will Recover. The Ball was taken out Last night by a Doctor[.] Camp at 12 off at 2½. Camp after Travell 20 miles at 6¾.

22 off at 7½ We are Leaving the Settlements and we are in the Antelope and Buffalo Country[.] We saw some Buffalos heads on the road[.] off at 3—Camp at 4¾ after Travel 16 Miles[.] It is verry Hot to day[.] we camped for dinner at 12.

23 off at 7¼ Camp at 11 off at 2[.] Camp after Travel 25 Miles at 7 o clock[.] it is Raining verry Hard as we Camp[.] it has been beautyfull through the day[.] the air is very clear we can see for many miles

24 Anneversary Day off at 8½ Travel 5 miles[.] Camp for all Day at 10½[.] the Hunters goes to look for Buffaloes And the Women folks goes to wash[.] 2 deers was shot and brot to camp[.] we had a dance.

25 This is a Beautyfull Morning[.] off at 7¼[.] Camp at 1½ for dinner[.] off again at 5[.] camp after Travel 18 miles at 6½[.] it Rained in the afternoon[.] the Horsemen ketched a Wolf this afternoon.

26 it is nice and Cool off at 7¼[.] good Road yet with but Little exception[.] Camp for dinner at 11 Close by the Platt River[.] we are verry glad to stop Near Wood and Watter[.] off at 2-¼[.] we saw no Live Buffaloes yet[.] Camp after Travel 18 miles at 6.

27 Prairie dogs Antelopes Elks, Deers and Wolfs can be seen Running about every day[.] the Hunters are always merry off at 7¾ camp at 1½ by a Beautyful Spring[.] A verry heavy Thunder Storm Prevented us from Moveing in the afternoon.

28 off at 7 A Young Girl died on the road this Morning in on[e] of the waggons[.] we camp at 11[.] off at 2¼[.] Pikes Peak Emigrant Train pass through our camp to-day on their way home[.] camp at 4 after travel 15 miles[.] verry heavy storm as we camp.

29 Was ask to Pray last evening in camp[.] We camped Last Evening in a muddy and nasty place[.] the Heavy Rain Hail and Wind as we camped was the cause of it[.] off at 7¾ Camp at 12[.] off at 2¾ Camp after travel 15 miles at 5¾.

30 The Road is verry bad now it is Sandy and Hilly[.] I with one other was guarding the camp from 12 to 5 this morning[.] we are off at 7¼[.] we Camp last evening by the Bluff River Camp at 11½[.] off at 2¾ camp after travel 15 miles at 5½

31 it is verry Warm[.] the Cattle will have a hard Road to travel to day[.] We are off at 7¼[.] Camp is at 11¾ off at 2¾[.] Camp after Travel 16 miles at 6¼.

August 1 Warm and dusty[.] we are going over mountains of Sand[.] the oxen has verry hard work[.] off at 7[.] Camp at 11[.] off at 2¼ [.] Camp after travel 16 miles at 6[.] We got over the Big Sand hill to night

2 [<------>] <Sunday> We Travel just the same on this day as any other day[.] we Rest not on Sunday but I hope to see the time that we will think as much of Sunday as we ever did[.] off at 7¼ Camp at 11½[.] off at 2½[.] Camp after travel 18 miles at 6.

3 it is very Warm today[.] off at 7 camp at 11[.] off at 2½[.] Camp after travel 20 miles at 6½[.] it is not lonely here[.] We meet Somebody every day from the different Forts or from California

4 off at 7 stop at 11[.] we are going to shoe 1 of our oxen [.] off at 1¾ Travell 20 miles and camp at 6¼[.] the road was good Some [-] Sandy and some few hills[.] we are along side of the Platt River

5 off at 6½ we past a place called the Sand Court House[.] it is all sand[.] it looks like A House[.] Camp at 10½ off at 1¾[.] it is verry Warm[.] the dust Blows in our faces[.] we Camp after travel 20 miles at 6½.

6 Another Thunder Storm as we camp this night[.] off at 6½[.] Camp opposite the Chimney Rock all sand[.] las[t] night camp for dinner at 10½[.] off at 1½[.] Camp after travel 20 miles at 6½[.] good Pasture here good Road

7 Beautyfull morning[.] we camp again by [---] Rock[.] A Young Girl 3 years old died and was buried yesterday noon[.] off at 6¼ [.] camp at 11¼[.] off at 2¾ Camp after travel 20 miles at 6½[.] I do not admire this part nor would I like to live here because the wood is so scarce

8 Windy and verry dusty yesterday afternoon[.] we could hardly see the next waggon to us stop[.] verry hot in the morning[.] off at 6¾[.] camp at 11¼[.] off at 2½[.] Camp after travel 20 miles at 6½. Another Child died to day 3 years old

9 off at 6¼[.] Camp at 11½[.] off at 2¾[.] Camp after travel 18 miles at 6¾[.] verry Poor Pasture here for the cattle and verry bad road to day[.] an oxen Ran over A Boy and hurt him bad (to day)

10 the Child that died on Saturday was Buried to day[.] off at 7[.] we cross the Platt River to day and we go with the Telegraph once more[.] Camp at 10¼[.] off at 2[.] Camp after travel 20 miles at 7.

11 An acc'eint [accident] happened Yesterday A Young Boy in getting out of the Waggon fell under the Wheels[.] it ran over his body and leg[.] off at 6½[.] camp at 10¾[.] Travel 10 Miles[.] We stop to feed the Cattle.

12 off at 6½[.] camp at 11½[.] off again at 3¼[.] I was guarding the Cattle this noon[.] I and Warner got fishing while on guard[.] we catch 1 and let it go again[.] Camp after travel 18 miles at 6¾

13 we have been going over the Black Hills since Monday[.] I Posted a letter for Isaac Yesterday in a Telegraph Station[.] off at 6[.] camp at 11[.] off at 2[.] camp after travel 20 miles at 7[.] We crossed the Platt River.

14 verry dusty[.] off at 5[.] we travel very fast for to get before the merchant train which we passed yesterday[.] the train was drove by Negroes[.] Camp at 11¼[.] off at 2[.] Camp after travel 25 miles at 7½[.] We crossed the River

15 Lovely morning off at 6½[.] Camp at 11 off at 2¼[.] we went through Deer Creek to day[.] there is about 6 Wooden Houses here and some tents for the Soldiers[.] Camp at 6 after travel 18 miles[.] Windy and dusty

16 Sunday Dawns with splendor and we are yet in a place where we cant enjoy ourselves as we should Like to or as we use to. off at 6[.] Camp at 11[.] off at 2[.] camp after travel 16 miles at 6[.] we went through Platt Bridge.

17 off at 6½[.] Camp at 10 for all day[.] we are going to Leave the Platt River to morrow[.] we have had this river Company for many hundred miles[.] we are sorry to leave it[.] We traveled 10 miles verry bad road

18 I was not verry well yesterday[,] a little better to day[.] off at 6 Camp at 1½[.] off at 3[.] 2 oxen belonging to the company died yester day[.] Camp after travel 20 miles at 6. This is our herd day

19 Nice and cool[.] we camped by a verry good watter last nigh[t.] the feed was also better for the cattle[.] the Cattle looks verry bad now[.] the feed has not been good for some time[.] 1 oxen died last night[.] off at 7[.] Camp at 12[.] off at 3[.] Camp after travel 18 miles at 6.

20 we are traveling along verry fast Passing those that started Before us[.] we passed a train on Monday And Another Yesterday[.] We reached Sweet Watter [Sweetwater] Yesterday noon[.]. off at 7[.] Camp at 12[.] off at 3 Camp after travel 18 miles at 6¾.

21 We are beginning to see the Rocky Hills and mountains[.] we passed Independent Rock yesterday and the Devels Gate, nothing but rocks stares us now with there st[r]ong teeth[.] we will see more of these Every day now[.] off at 7[.] camp at 10½[.] off at 1½[.] Camp after travel 15 miles at 6

1863 August 22 off Early[.] Camp for all day at noon[.] Lots of game here wild ducks Geese sage hens and Hares are plenty around this Rocky Mountains[.] we travel 8 miles[.] 2 oxen died today[.] this ground is full of saleratus[.] we can gather it by the pail full[.] this is What kills the Cattle

23 I drove our Cows Loose this morning the red one Being Sick and not able to Work[.] we was off early 2 oxen and 1 cow died last night[.] this is what dismays us and we are affraid our Cattle will not Live to take us through[.] we stop at noon and travel 20 miles.

24 we go over the Rocky Mountains[.] the road is stony and very Ruff[.] 6 of our cattle died yesterday and 6 to day[.] we are off Early and did not stop till it was Late[.] Travelled 25 miles[.] Heavy frost & ice.

25 Another Child died 3 years old, Heavy frost & Ice this morning[.] we are very High up the Mountains amonge Bears & Wild Cats[.] 2 of our cattle died Last night[.] Stop for dinner at noon by Sweet Watter [Sweetwater.] We are going to leave this this Watter to day[.] Sooner the Better or we will loose all of our Cattle[.] Travell 19 miles Camp at Pacific Springs.

26 we are up at the Highest place the South Pass[.] 2 of the Cattle died last night. Travell 22 miles[.] Camp after dark at Little Sandy 205 miles from Salt Lake city

27 very poor feed Last night for the cattle[.] off at 7[.] 2 of the cattle died this morning[.] Travell 7 miles and Camp for all day[.] the feed is Better here

28 we are off at 6[.] Stop for dinner[.] good road pass the place where the Mormons burn the Waggons Belonging to the Soldiers some years ago[.] The place looks bleak now[.] travell 20 miles[Journal ends]