Transcript for "Mormon Trains," Weekly Council Bluffs Bugle, 7 July 1857

On the 1st inst a train consisting of over thirty wagons, and on the 2nd Inst a train consisting of twenty wagons, passed through this city en route for Salt Lake City, Utah. The emigrants were mostly English, and in appearance healthy, cleanly and intelligent. They are just the kind of persons to settle a new country. The women were rather over the medium size of the American women and looked as if they could, if necessary hold the plow, or assist in harvesting the wheat and barley which grows to such perfection in Utah. Notwithstanding all that has been said about the people of Utah, we think, with the exception of their peculiar domestic institutions, they will be found to be much better and law abiding people, than they have been represented to be, and we will be greatly deceived, if the Government of the U.S. feels any necessity for sending the large number of troops which it is said are about to be sent to Utah.