Transcript for Moses Daley Freight Company journal, 1853 September

At Larima [Laramie] Captain Daily called the camp together & Stated to them that in consequence of the Council given by Captain Merrel whom we met at Wood River (which council was that it would be best to divide into companies of Tens when we arrived at Laramie on account of food being scarce for cattle from there on[.]) That each Captain of Ten was & those comprising his company was at liberty to travel in a company to themselves or remain in Company with them—if they chose—whereupon Bro. Hin[d]ley Captain of Ten & Bro. Geo. Halliday[,] Brother Howard and Brother Josseph Risley—with their teamsters composing Capt Hinley Company—having 9 wagons and 1 bugy, concluded to do & separated from the balance of the company leaving under Captain Dailie's [Daley's] charge 26 waggons.

Brother George Halliday was chosen clerk at the Missouri River to Keep a Journal of our travels and in consequence of His separating from Captain Dailies Company we were left without a Journalist—until after the reception of a requisition from the President Brigham Young requiring the Captains of Companies to Keep a Journal of their travels

on Sunday the 11th of Septr Jno A [John Alexander] Ray was appointed Clerk and required to keep account of passing incidents that were worthy of notice[.] we were camped on Big Sandy the 11th of Septr. on which day we again began keeping a Journal[.] between Larima [Laramie] and that Place there were no incidents particularly worthy of notice except the Loss of the following cattle[.] J A Ray lost an Ox that died of murin[.] Sister Moody & John John also Lost an Ox & J Dailey [John Daley] a milk cow—Disease not known[.] But it was supposed they Died from Eating cherry leaves[.] also an Old Brindle Ox belonging to the Church Died was so far given out that Captain Dailey Called on several of the Brethren to say what He was worth[.] They decided that He was valueless[.] Brother Dailey being near by a trading post sold Him for Ten dollars[.] We deem[ed] [it] a good sale & wise disposition of Him as He would have been a Total Loss to the Church had he undertaken to have carried Him further[.] Brother W [William] C Moody traded a milk cow at a trading post for one half Her value in consequence of her being so lame that she could not travel further[.] No sickness in the company during this time of a serious character[.] Brother [John Henry] Rich had born unto Him a son[.] Sister [Lydia Pond] Rich & Child [Franklin John Rich] are do ing well

12th Septr[.] on Monday we traveled 17 miles & stayed on Big Sandy again[.] food for Oxen scarce[.] many of our Oxen are get[t]ing Lame from being tender footed & that & that together with but little food is causing them to fail verry fast[.] to day Brother WC Moody & son are sick[.] This Evening we have attended to the ordinance for the Healing of the sick that they may be restored to health

13th to day we have traveled 11 miles & camped on Green River where we find a sufficiency of Grass for our Teams to fill themselves[.] To day Brother Beall [Daniel Bell] had a Cow to Die as was supposed of Murin

14th of Septr Wednesday[.] we remain at our encampment on Green River to give our Cattle good Time to Rest & fill themselves[.] no sickness amongst us worthy of notice[.] J A Ray had a cow to die of Murin—

15th Thursday[.] we traveled 20 miles & camped[.] here we find food scarce again though more plentiful than at many places we have been compelled to stop at[.] Brother John W Clark is sick of Fever[.] to Knight [tonight] we have administered unto Him of the Ordinance of Gods House instituted for the Healing of the sick[.] to day while traveling one of the Church Oxen 4 years Old fell down in the Road & was left supposed to be Dying[.] on yesterday Brother Labarron from Salt Lake City met us and Took from our company Sister Labarron His wife who was traveling in Company with Brother Jas [James] Cooper

16thFriday[.] we traveled 17 miles & camped in Black for[k] of Green River & found bunch Grass enough to sustain our Cattle Tolerably well[.] the health of the Camp is good[.] for those blessings we are thankful

17th Saturday[.] we camped again on blk [Black] fork after traveling about 10 miles[.] we are now within 7 or 8 miles of fort Bridger[.] here we find an abundance of good grass for our Teams

18thSeptr Sunday[.] Captain Dailey & Council decided we had better stay & give our Teams good Time to rest & fill themselves & put mockesins [moccasins] on the feet of those that are Lame[.] Brothers WC Moody & John Tippitt with their charge & families said that in consequence of their provisions being scarce & old Sister Moodys delicate health & winter near at Hand that they felt themselves Justifiable in leaving the Company in & traveling on by themselves which they did

19th Monday[.] we traveled 15 miles & camped on a small crick [creek] 7 or 8 miles from Bridger[.] found a sufficiency of good bunch grass[.] the Camp is in Tolerable Health

20th Tuesday[.] we have traveled 17 miles & camped at Cold Spring[.] again we find good food for our cattle[.] our Teams look well except the lame ones[.] an old Church Ox gave out and was left near Bridger[.] Brother [John Wesley] Clark Lost a milk cow that Died of Murin

21st Wednesday[.] to day we have traveled 19 miles & camped on Yellow Creek[.] here we again have good grass[.] Miss Elizabeth Huff is sick[.] the Elders have been called on to administer to her according to the Command of our Lord—2 or 3 days since JA Rays infant child [Alice Jerome Ray] was sick she was administered to & seemed to be improved from the moment of administration untill she is now quite well[.] we are under many obligations to our Father in Heaven for His blessings in our afflictions

22ns Septr Thursday[.] we traveled about 12 miles & camped again on Yellow Creek[.] to day we have been compelled to leave an other Church Ox that seemed to be weak across the Loins so much so that He could not be driven along[.] This Evening we were over Taken by Dr. Bunyan who had with him 2 buggies His family a widow Lady & her Daughter

23rd Friday[.] we traveled 15 miles & camped on Echo Creek[.] food for our Teams good on the side of the Mountain[.] this morning Dr. Bunyan who camped with us last Knight said that He would travel with us the day[.] the widow Lady who was with Him was whu walking[.] the Doctor Drive on ahead leaving the Lady with us & Carrying on her Daughter without saying any thing to us about it & we have not since seen Him But hear from persons that we meet that He is making His way to Salt Lake City leaving The Old Lady & Carry off her Daughter[.] right or wrong such conduct seems to us rather misterious. the Health of the Camp is good

24—Saturday[.] we have traveled to day about 14 miles[.] to day we left an other Church Ox that had worn down untill He could go no further[.] we think it proper to mention here that Brother Horace Eldredge b[r]ought in a lot of Oxen that He bought that were Old & that He did not Expect would hold out the trip & that it is of this class that we are losing mostly

24th[.] to day Capt Dailey sent the Lady left by Bunyan with us ahead by Brother Chas Decker who was passing us on His way to S.L. City[.] this morning it was reported that several families were out of provisions whereupon Brother Dailey appointed Jno A Ray and John W. Clark to weigh all the provisions in the camp & see how many days provisions we had & whether enough to carry us through or not & also to distribute to those who were out[.] upon examination we find that there are provisions enough in the camp to carry us through if we meet with no disaster so that we cannot do ordinary traveling[.] our hearts are made to rejoice when we see the disposition that reigns in the Camp to help each other when necessity demands[.] to day we have much cause to rejoice as a Camp for and be thankful unto God for his goodness unto us through this & other days that are past

25th Sunday[.] we made a short days travel[.] nothing ha[p]pening worthy of notice

26th Monday[.] we traveled about 10 miles and camped near the foot of the Big Mountain[.] all geting on well[.] Here Brother Moses Dailey jun and Brother Veniten met us with some ass[istance] which was gratefully recei[ve]d

27th Tuesday.[.] we crossed the Mountain & Camped in in 7 or 8 miles of the City—Brother Chambers has a child that is quite sick[.] the balance of the Camp in good health

28th Wednesday[.] Morning the camp came together—all seemed possessed of a good spirit & were thankful that they were So near their Journeys end—another of the Church Oxen Died & another cannot be driven further[.] to day we reached the City of Great Salt Lake about 1 Oclock & have been so blest of the Lord that not one of us have Died by the way—the Camp marched or drove in order to the Square near Council House where they were dismissed & dispersed whithersoever they would.

Jno A Ray clk