Transcript for Munk, Christian Ipsen, Autobiographical writings and journal, [2]

On March 30th we reached St. Louis. Here we went a shore and camped in a four-story warehouse..There were four couples of our company married that day.

On July 9 we crossed the Missouri and

on the 17th camped on the plains.

On the 20th we arrived at Loop [Loup] Fork. Here we drove the wagons onto flatboats to ferry over the river. There was no timber so we used our wagon boxes to make boats to take the people across—and the cattle could swim..

On Aug. 2 we camped on Platte river.

On the 16th we passed Chimney Rock;

on the 28th at Deer Creek;

Sept.13 we reached Green River;

on the 22nd started traveling into the mountains,

and on Sept. 29 we arrived at Salt Lake City, and camped in the center of town. Peter remembers we had green corn for supper. Some of the women ate it raw and became sick. Mother didn't like it.