Transcript for Murdock, John, Autobiography [n.d.], 58

March 1847. The Omaha Indians killed my Ox:

but about the 1rst of April I made out three yoke of Oxen and two wagons, and my Son Gideon, being but six years old, accompanying me, we drove said wagons and teems, two trips to Missouri; for provisions, say 550 miles and then

started June 7th. Left Winterquarters, to Journey with the Saints, still further into the wilderness. Being prepaired with three yoke of Oxen two wagons; two thousand pounds of bread stuf and my family, consisting of Sarah my wife, Martha Ann Henderson, Gideon, George, and Mary Cooper.

And September 24th or 25th arrived in the Valley of the Great Salt Lake, North America having driven our three yoke of Oxen 1600 miles in less than six months without a shoe on either of their feet halling [hauling] twenty hundred on one wagon and twelve hundred on the other. And then sent back on yoke of my Oxen to helpin[g] the Brethren and one of them died on the trip