Transcript for Murdock, John, Journal [ca. 1830-1859], 201-4

Nov. 16 th Commenced to journey with Brothers C. C. Rich & A. Lyman & Co. for G[reat]. S[alt]. L[ake]. City[.] 18 in company besides Br. A. wife[.] camped 12 M[iles] up Cahoon Pass

17th Crossed the Summit & camped 1 m[ile] below

18th Traveled 30 m & camped 10 m down the Mohave

19th 26 m. down the Mohave

20th 20 m. to where we left the Mohave

21st 35 m. to Bitter Springs

22nd 45 m. across the Desert to Salt Springs

23rd 14 m. to Nagotha or Salaratas [Salaratus] creek[.] met Elder H. G. Sherwood & Co. & the Misionery [Missionary] Co. & camped

24th Spent the day in camp with the Brethren[.] 25th I gave Br. Wm. Hyde a letter of introduction to the Church in Australia.

25th Br. Richard Ballentyne with others of the missionary co. verry reluctantly gave me the parling hand tho they were in good Spirits for their mission[.] their company consisted of from 30 to 40[,] 9 or 10 for Australia[.] I gave them my blessing[.] We watered at Resting Spring & camped within 6 m of Stoomp Springs

26th to the mountain Spring found Snow but no feed

27th Vagies [Vegas] we reached at midnight

28th Middle of 50 m Desert

29th Reached the Muddy by 4 Oclock PM

30th Camped on the Rio Virgin

Dec. 1st & <2nd> at the upper crossing of the Rio Virgin

3rd Camped at Santa Clarra [Clara]

4th Camped near the head of the Santa Clara [Clara]

5th Crossed the rime [rim] of the bason [basin] & camped at Willow Creek

6th Arived at Coal Creek where is a colony of our brethren for Iron making

I stayed with Br. Jonathan Pugmire two nights[.] he sought <put on> two shoes on my horse & one on my Mule & I paid him one Dollar

8th I went to Parowan 14 miles found the brethren there preparing to travel on but I was not <abel>

9th The brethren Rich, Lyman & Co. traveled on but I remained with the Brethren in Paro<wan> til

Jan. 5th 1853. I started in Company with four Brethren & two wagons[.] Br Urban Stewart having but one yoak of Oxen carread [carried] my trunk of 70 lbs. Brs. Broomhead & Williams had two yoak.

I arrived at Philmore [Fillmore] on the 10th but left the teams 12 miles back at corn creek.

Philmore is 96½ m from Parowan[.] We remained here resting the teams till the 17[.] they started with the teams.

18th I again Started to go through the Snow drifts[.] travled 12 m & overtook the teams[.] they yoked & we travled 3 m & camped in a Snow drift

19th Drove 5 m to Round valley[,] verry good feed

20th 15 m to Severe [Sevier] River & watered for the first time in 3 days except what Snow we melted[.] We then traveled within two miles of Chicken creek.

21st We were within 20 m of our Brethren on Salt Creek & I left the wagons to travel to the settlement & met my son Orrice at Chicken Creek with wagon & horses coming to meet me[.] we waited til the waggons came up & got my trunk[.] We then pursued our journey home which was over some 80 m[ile]s

Where we arrived Sunday 23rd after an absence of two years lacking 47 days[.] found my family all alive but one & enjoying a comfortable degree of health. My youngest Son Brigham had died the 4th Instant 12 Oclock at night of but 4 days Sickness of Scarlet fever being 3 y[ears], 4 m[onths], 15 d[ays] old.