Transcript for Murdock, Joseph Stacy, Diary and reminiscences 1889, 9-13

When we got to Sarpes [Sarpy's] Point on the masura [Missouri] River we crosed and went to the Cold Springs. her[e] my Brother John died and was Buried in a Ind[i]ans grave that Carnal [Colonel] Cane [Kane] had taken up his [-] we moved on to Omahaw [Omaha], the next spring started for the Rocky Mountains. In crossing the horn and on up the plat[te] rive[r] continued to goo back to sarpes point 40 miles the other side[.] I found a yoake of oxen and drove on to camp and took my horse and started to get the oxins. I traveled about 6 miles and come too a muddy crick [creek] and co[u]ld not get my horse across so I dun my lines up on his neck and let him go[.] he went Back to camp I cros[s]ed the crick and found the cat[t]le and drove them to the crick and it came on darck and I got lost.

After travling round some[,] it [was] very dark[,] I found some high grass and pulled and mad[e] my Bed for the night. I had a sheep skin around my s[h]oulders and no co[a]t or vest[.] I dremp of Buffalows robes for it was cold and the woolves howled and I tho[u]ght of Camp[,] my Mother wor[ri]ed[,] my wife tried to comfort her[.] When the stars came out [I] astarted for camp and got ther at sun up and now [no] oxen yet[.] We moved onto the sarpes point and camped for some daes [days.] I found that the oxen was Brother John Ta[y]lors. Brother g[e]orge Can[n]on and myself went Back and got them oxen and all was wright without mony and without prise [price]. I had A yoak of oxens ti[r]ed from over heat[.] we came to a camp of the Sues [Sioux] Indens [Indians]. they had taken from amongst the Buffalo a lot of oxen and the Brethren went over the plat[te] to B[u]y them[.] I set down on the ground and a man rode up to me and said Boy take this horse, and sadle and goo over the river and trade them for what you can get. I said maby you need that your self[.] he said that is non of your Bisnes [business.] I said all wright[.] I got up and mounted the horse and went over the river and Brother Charles Rich had charge of bying the cattle[.] I said I need a yoke of catle[.] he said all wright and when my turn Came I got up and puled of[f] the sadle and Bridle and asked an ind[i]an what he wold give for the hors. He gave me ox for the hors[.] I asked another what he would give for the bridle and sadleand he told me if [I] wold give my shirt and bridle sadle, he gave a ox[.] I puld of[f] my shirt then I asked that ingan [Indian who] o[w]ned the other ox they told me the indan was on a hunt[.] I told them I come Back to the river the next morning and would by the ox[.] we moved camp 4 miles that nite.

the next morning I took a Peck of Corn and Calico, dres patern and went Back to the river[.] the indan came acros with the ox and I got him for the corn and dres patern[.] I got one ox from the man and one from the inden so that maid my teem good[.] so you Can see that I was blest[.] the mans name was Jacob Houtz he lives at Springville[, Utah.]

we moved up the Plat[t] river on too the Devels [Devil's] gate and on to sandy[.] ther we met President Yo[u]ng returning from salt Lake in the year 1847[.] We traveled on to green river[.] there we forded and went on too Fort Brigder [Bridger] then too Bear river then to Ec[h]o Canion [Canyon.] then crosed the weber river then over the little mountain then to mouth of Emigration Canion [Canyon] and camped for a few dais then moved to the Old Fort on City Creak [Creek] . . .