Transcript for "Names of Passengers in Captain Mumford's Train," Deseret News, 23 September 1868, 1

James, Catherine, Joseph, Catharine, James and David Holland; Henry Chrisholm [Chisholm]; John Russel; Jane McBean [McBain]; Isabella and Robert Boag; William, Sarah Jane [Comley] and Emma Jane Turner; Samuel Comley; Mary Shepherd; Lucy, Louisa and William Hill; Mary, Jane and Alice Paynter; Alfred, Elizabeth [Hood], Ann Jane, George [Thomas], Elizabeth [Hannah] and Alfred Oscar Tomlinson; Thomas [E.], Ellen [Blake] and Eliza Webster; William Oldfield; William Sawdon; Matthew, Mary [Jackson], George Henry and Mary Jane Firth; Heber [George] and Rose Serle [Searle]; James Bishop; Elizabeth Edward; George and Ellen Mawson; George Davidson; Charles Holme; Edward, Elizabeth [Hague], Ann, Betsey, Violet, Joseph, Amelia and Thomas Gledhill; Mary Ann Bromley; Hannah and Susia [Susie] Platt; Joseph Yearnell; Elizabeth Ballinger; Mary Jane Thorne; Samuel Southwick; James Stuart; Robert, Margaret and Alfred Gardiner; Stephen and Stephen Theabold; Edward, Ann [White] and Charles Stagg; Maria Seaburn; Mary Passey; John and Hannah [Alice Timms] Devey; Reuben and Mary Ann Baker; Fanny [May] and Jas. [James] Staples; Wm. [William] and Alice [Nuttall] Howarth; Thos. [Thomas], Jane and Ann J. [Jane] Holden; Sarah, Wright and Sarah Ann Pickering; Benjamin N. [Nephi], Betsy and Orson Howarth; Annie F. Buckeridge, Henry Barlow; Elisha Peck; Thomas, Mary [Taylor], Thomas [Moroni], Fanny and John Davis; Philip and Lucy Fiddler; Kezla [Keziah] and Sarah Howcroft; Daniel [Henry], Elizabeth [Ketteringham], Florence [Elizabeth], Orson, Charlotte and William [Ketteringham] Dunn; Alfred, Mary Ann [Sewell], George [Amazeah], Lucy, Louisa, Alvin [Oliver] and Lovina [Francis] Henson; Eliza Partridge; Isaac, Rebecca [Barber] and Emma Quinny; George Checketts; Stephen Pope; James Herridge; Cyrus Warren; James Turner; Ann Dodd; Clara Turner; Thomas [Lorenzo], Betsy [Betty Robertshaw], Elizabeth [Ann], Lorenzo, [Thomas] Bernard, Betsey Ellen, Leonard, Hannah [Haywood] and Wilford Schofield; Henrietta Read [or Reed]; Elizabeth and Sarah Ann Grimshaw; George [Samson], Louisa [Hancock], Rose [Rosina], Hyrum, [Jane] Ellen and Henry [George] Hayball; Andrew and Cecilia Simmonds; John W. Green; Hannah and Rose Taylor; William, Sarah, Ellen [E.], Charlotte and John Peterkin; Niel and [Lars] Hans Lawson; Eliza, James, Annie, Lucy and George Allen; John, Jane, Martha, John W. [William], Sarah Ann, Mary Jane, Henry and James Inglefield; Edward Shoebridge; William, Luvina, Elizabeth [Ivers] and Robert Moyes; Gordon, Ella and Cecelia Good; William Orchard; George, Sarah and Isaac Gibson; Mary Davis; Fanny, James and [William] Fred Miller; Thomas, Samuel and Jane Steward; Wm. and Elizabeth Orrick [Orrock]; Wm. [William], Mary [Vickers], James, Mary Ann, Thos. [Thomas], Jane, Wm. [William], John and Joseph Ogden; Rebecca and Sarah Radway [Rodway]; Elizabeth [Harriet] and Ellen Johnson; Phebe [Day] Shill; Chas. [Charles], Caroline [Selwood], Chas. [Charles], Wm [William James]. and Elizabeth [Ann] Kimber; Emily Pocock; Francis and Hannah Heaton; Jane Halley; Joseph Mary, Mary Alice and Emma Walker; Charles Bradbury; Hyrum Wood; Wm. [William] Lunn [or Lund]; James Margaret [Robertson], Robert, Wm. [William], Franklin [Dewey] and Margaret Salmon; Eliza Wiley; Thomas Graham; Jane Ellen Graham; Louisa [Amelia], Amelia and Mary [Louise] Charles; Samuel [Reuben], Ann [Winsbrough], Reuben [Samuel], Mary [Jane], Ephraim [Oscar], Hannah [Maria] and Adah [Ann] Western; Caroline, Ann and Fanny Lloyd; Annie and Eve Gordon; Wm. [William], Sarah [Asling], Wm. H. [William Arthur], Alfred E. [Hezekiah] and Isabella J. [Janette] Wade; Wm. [William] C. Penney; Stein Holson; Kate and Mary Rathmason; John, Olena and Cecilia Peterson; Rathmus Nielson.


E. T. MUMFORD, Capt.