Transcript for Neilson, Hans C., History of Hans C. Neilson. in Nora Crystal Hall Lund, Biographies Collection, [ca. 1950-1983], reel 2, p. 1

I was born in Denmark, on the Island of Fyn. In the town of Hering, June 14, 1853. My fathers name was Peter Neilson. My mothers maiden name was Matta Christeen Ditlensen. Together with my parents and 4 sisters we came to Utah.

My father was promised by a missionary from Utah that he should emigrate, and gather with the Saints in Utah. And five years later a good Mormon helped father to emigrate his family. We came to New York, July 17, 1866. Taking the Railroad West and arrived in Omaha.

And on the 8th of August we left, journing across the plains by ox teams in Captain Scotts Company, and on that troublesome trip we lost one of my brothers, and my mother was sick most of the way.

While partly starving and other trying hardships of which half cannot be told, we came to Salt Lake City, on the 8th of October. And the spring following we came to Richfield thinking to make us a home. But it was in the years of Indian Wars, so we had to move to Gunnison for safety, where there were settlers and a small army of soldiers.