Transcript for Neilson, Peter. Family record, 11

Our new captain Secker [Jacob F. Secrist] was impatient with the people going so far on one occasion to tell some of the saints that [they] would do exactly as he wanted them to that they could remain behind for he had no further. When we had been two weeks on our way he was attacked with cholera and died in a few days.

Brother [Noah T.] Guymon was then appointed captain and from then, we got along pretty well though not without some little jarring.

Many a time when on our way when our cattle would become sullen or tired, myself as well as other brethren, has gone secretly between our oxen and blessed them and immediately they would move on, showing to us that the Spirit of the Lord can subdue and make bid[d]able the ox as well as man.

On the sixth day of September 1855 we arrived in Salt Lake City, having been ten months and twenty days since we left Copenhagen, a distance perhaps of between six and seven thousand miles.