Transcript for "News from Elders," Deseret News, 11 June 1856, 109

NEWS FROM ELDERS,—By the Mormon of April 12, we learn that Elder Homer Duncan is appointed to preside over the Texas Conference, and that Elders J. Ostler and M. J. Snedeker are appointed to labor in East Texas under his direction. Elders. B. L. [Benjamin Lynn] Clapp, Wm. M. Allen and Andrew Bigler were released from their labors and permitted to return to Utah, having faithfully discharged the duties of their mission. A goodly number of the Texian Saints were preparing for the spring emigration.

"APPOINTMENTS, George D. Grant and William H. Kimball are appointed to purchase cattle for the coming emigration.

Alexander Robbins is appointed to purchase provisions and general supplies for emigration and carry them to Florence, the outfitting place for the plains.

Daniel Spencer is appointed general superintendant of emigration in the West, with liberty to call for such aid as he may need, in Iowa city and other places.

James H. Hart, of St. Louis, Mo., is appointed agent to receive orders and moneys for the purchase of cattle, wagons, provisions &c., for the emigration. Address James H. Hart, Box 333, St. Louis, Mo.

James McGaw, John Van Cott, William Walker, Joseph France, and all the elders going West, on the way to Utah, are requested to report themselves to Daniel Spencer, at Iowa City, and assist him, if needed.

Andrew Cunningham is appointed to select a company for a settlement in Nebraska.