Transcript for "News from Our Immigration," Deseret News, 17 October 1855, 253

News from Our Immigration

Br. David Wilkin, who went out to meet some friends, returned on the 13th inst., and on the 14th informed the congregation in the Bowery of the position of the companies yet due.

He went as far east as the Devil's Gate, with the missionaries who started during the forepart of September, and while there the companies crossed the summit this side of the Willow Springs in the following order:—

Charles A. Harper's company.
Milo Andrus' company
Isaac Allred's company
T. S. Williams & Co's. 2nd merchandize train.

Soon afterwards Captain Andrus' company took the lead, and were still ahead. While they were at the 5th crossing of the Sweetwater, Oct. 4, snow had fallen during the night so that it lay 3 inches deep, and it snowed quite hard through that day, but since then the weather had been warm and pleasant.

The different camps were well and in good spirits, but were traveling slowly, the scanty feed not affording sufficient nourishment for the teams. They have had no trouble with the Indians, though br. Wilkin reports that the government troops had a brush with the Sioux, not far from Ash Hollow, in which they killed 300, took several squaws and children prisoners, and had only 5 of their men killed. Orders to cease trading with the Indians had reached the trading posts at the Devil's Gate and Ham's Fork, and those traders had packed up their goods.

Grass is good and plenty between here and Fort Bridger, and if teams are soon taken back all the companies can arrive before inclement weather, and much stock be saved that may otherwise be lost.