Transcript for "News from the Plains," Frontier Guardian, 25 Nov. 1852, 2

News from the Plains.

Just before our last issue, the Salt Lake Mail reached here, but we had no time to collect the items of news, We learn from those who accompanied the mail, that some little trouble was anticipated from a few of the Indians tribes on the California route, unless they were checked by the soldiers in time. A band of the Pawnees had already attacked a small party of California emigrants and robbed them of their effects; the marauding party were taken prisoners, and held in custody at the Fort by Capt Ketchum. A man named Tesson, an Indian trader, had 18 or 20 horses stolen from him by the same Indians. We learn that war parties of the Sioux and Cheyens are out after the Pawnees.

My Messrs O. H. Cogswell and Kincaid [Kinkead], of the firm of LiSingston [Livingston] & Kincaid [Kinkead], we have information that business is pretty good in the city of the Saints. We are also apprized of the fact that seventy Mormons, Missionaries, are on their way to enlighten us of the States and other parts of the world. Some of them will be here.

The mails, Salt Lake and Santa Fe outward bound, left at their usual time. Ca courier may be dispatched to overtake the Santa Fe mail with election returns if enough are received today.--[Ind. Mess.