Transcript for Nielsen, Peder Christian, Journal, 1859 Mar.-1878 July

August 1864

On the 11th, I had to try to drive the oxen which we were to use over the prairies. We stayed over in Wyoming on the 12th and the 13th.

On the 14th, we drove about a mile and camped there.

On the 15th, three miles.

On the 16th, we remained where we were.

On the 17th, we drove eight miles;

on the 18th, twelve miles;

on the 19th, fourteen miles;

on the 20th, sixteen miles;

the 21st, fourteen miles. On this same day, we met a company of soldiers and persons who had evacuated their homes because of fright from the Indians.

On the 22nd, nine miles;

on the 23rd, fourteen miles;

the 26th, seventeen miles;

and the 27th, fifteen miles, at which time we came to the Platte River.

On the 28th, nine miles. This was Sunday, and we had a meeting in the evening.

On the 29th, fifteen miles;

on the 30th, eighteen miles;

and on the 31st, thirteen miles.

September 1864

On Thursday, the 1st, we drove twelve miles;

on the 2nd, fourteen;

on the 3rd, fourteen;

on the 4th, fourteen, which was a Sunday.

On the 5th, eight miles;

the 6th, ten miles;

the 7th, fourteen miles. On the same day, those who were driving with horses left us inasmuch as they no longer feared the Indians since we had seen none as yet.

On the 8th fourteen miles;

the 9th, fourteen miles;

the 10th, fourteen miles;

the 11th, sixteen miles. This was on a Sunday.

The 12th, ten miles;

the 13th, six miles, on which day we crossed over the Platte River.

The 14th, seventeen miles;

the 15th, eleven miles;

the 16th, fourteen miles;

the 17th, fourteen miles;

the 18th, fifteen miles;

the 19th, fourteen miles;

the 20th, seventeen miles;

the 21st, twenty miles;

the 22nd, sixteen miles;

the 23rd, fourteen miles;

the 24th, seventeen miles;

the 25th, seventeen miles.

On the 26th, at three o'clock in the morning, John M[oburn]. Kay died, for whom I had been driving. After he was buried, we drove for seven miles.

The 27th, fourteen miles;

the 28th, eleven miles;

the 29th, fifteen miles;

the 30th, thirteen miles.

October 1864

Saturday, the 1st, six miles;

the 2nd, fifteen miles. We had snow.

The 3rd , fifteen miles;

4th, ten miles. This was Brother Peder Westenskow's birthday.

The 5th, eleven miles;

the 6th, seven miles. We met a company from Utah who came to help us.

The 7th, twelve miles;

the 8th, fourteen miles;

the 9th, eleven miles;

the 10th, eighteen miles;

the 11th, sixteen miles;

the 12th, thirteen miles;

the 13th, fourteen miles;

the 14th, fifteen miles;

the 15th, sixteen miles;

the 16th, eighteen miles;

the 17th, thirteen miles, on which date we crossed over the Green River.

The 18th, eight miles. Others came from Utah to help us.

The 19th, fifteen miles. On this day, Brother Joseph W. Young came again to help Brother Snog [Snow] lead us.

On the 20th, sixteen miles. We crossed over the Green River in three places.

On the 21st, fifteen miles;

on the 22nd, fifteen miles;

the 23rd, fifteen miles;

the 24th, sixteen miles;

the 25th, twelve miles. There was a severe frost and much snow fell.

On the 26th, fourteen miles;

on the 27th, ten miles;

the 28th, six miles.

On the 29th, we stayed in camp to determine how much each of us owed the church for supplies. During the night, much snow fell.

On the 30th, seven miles

and the 31st, nine miles.

November 1864

On the 1st, we drove twelve miles. This was on a Tuesday.

On the 2nd, twelve miles.

In the morning, it was noticed that one of our oxen was missing. I stayed there that day to search after it and slept that night in a house that was there. At eight o'clock the company arrived at Salt Lake City.