Transcript for Nielson, Andrew, Reminiscences 1916, 2-3

we found a Danice [Danish] teanter [teamster] from Fairview name Peter Nielson Hanson whom we could talk to, and understand true him what were required of us, in them days I were yong and active and Mother [Karen] the same so we soon got aquented and Mother told him she would cook for him, so we agreaed to pute our grope [group] to getter when it was devited out to us by the Comasairy, there was a Men from Aarhuus Conference there let me have a Heffer [heifer] to bring to S[alt] Lake for him for the Milk she would give us that helped us a good deel some time we got melk left from Brekfest, put it in a three Quart boket [bucket,] hong it on the bake [back] of the Wagon and at Noon we had a little Butter for our dinner. "Well" we are travelen along the Road to Cion [Zion] with four Yoke of Oxen on each Wagon which were pretty well filed up with our thing, a tent to sleep in at Night our cooking utentiels [utensils] ets [etc.], we had to walk all the wey and got along firstright[.] Mother some time had to take Peter on here bake [back] crausing [crossing] Creaks [Creeks] and where it was much uphill or sandy and some time craus pretty big streams there were no rome [room] in the Wagon for only Mrs. Skousen[.] she had an increace in thier famelie with a new baby when we were about half wey acrouse the plaens, and about the same time Mother give out, she toke the Mountain feaver and were plome out of here head and were just as Cressy and onreaseneble as a person could be, it were a hart [hard] jope [job] for us to get something she could or would eat, she wont me to give here some hard bround [brown] Sugar that a boy had give me fore here and I would not give it to here and she got stoberen [stubborn] would not eat nor drink here Caffee [Coffee] with out here [her] Sugar[.] we tried to make some hard Sugar for her by boilen it and made it broun by the Juce of Blakbaries [blackberries] which we paeked [picked] as we traveled along but she had sence anough to know that were not the kind the Boy had give to me would not taest it, but wont me to take here to that pretty glass house that Prst. Brigham Young had give to here [her], and said I were stoberen so I would not even let here see it, and that was the condision we were in when we arived in S.L. City on the 25th of September 1862 Mother had inproved a litle but it toke here to pretty neare Xmas befoer she got to here right Censes [senses].