Transcript for "Obituary," Latter-day Saints' Millennial Star, 21 Jan. 1865, 43-44

(From the Deseret News.)

Died on the 26th of September, 1864, of apoplexy, at a point seven miles this side of Little Laramie, Colorado Territory, on his return from a mission to England, John Moburn Kay, aged 46 years, 11 months and 20 days. . . . Appointed on another mission to England in the fall of 1860, he started-though suffering severely from an attack of inflammatory rheumatism, as he was also at the time he started on his first mission—and labored faithfully and uprightly, and to the satisfaction of his brethren, for three years and a half in that country. On leaving England to return home, he was appointed to preside over the company of Saints which sailed from London on the ship Hudson. After reaching New York, and between there and Wyoming, his labors were very arduous; his ambition prompted him to make exertions which were scarcely suitable in hot weather for as fleshy a man as he was—his weight being usually about 250 lbs. He was taken sick after reaching Wyoming, and continued so for some distance on the Plains. For some days before his death, however, his health apparently improved, and he was able to move about with considerable ease, and even did so the day and evening before he died. His death was very sudden, and doubtless without pain. One hour before he expired, he conversed with his wife, and dropped off to sleep again. He gave a great start which awoke his wife, and all was over. . . . —G. Q. C.