Transcript for Oldham, Samuel, [Interview], in "Utah Pioneer Biographies," 44 vols., 22:5-6

. . . .We then spent nine days and one night on a steamboat traveling up the Missouri River, arriving at a village called Wyoming, Missouri [Nebraska] in July 1864. After remaining there about three weeks, we started on our journey across the plains in Captain Warrens ox train.

We traveled for eleven weeks before arriving at Salt Lake City on October 4th 1864. It was a very arduous journey. My father [John Oldham] and mother [Maria Heap Oldham] were both sick for about three weeks before we arrived at our destination. The Indians were very hostile during the first part of our journey, and during the latter part, nutritious food was very scarce. As soon as we arrived in Salt Lake City, we all commenced to improve, until we were soon enjoying the best of health.