Transcript for Olson, William, [Interview], in "Utah Pioneer Biographies," 44 vols., 22:51, 53, 55

10. At what place did you join the company or wagon train with which you came to Utah?
10. He joined the ox train, with which he came to Utah, at Omaha, Nebraska.

11. When did it leave for Utah?
11. The ox train left for Utah August 1, 1866.

12. What was the place of your destination in Utah? Why did you come to Utah?
12. Salt Lake City was it's destination;....

13. When did you arrive there?
13. They arrived at Salt Lake City, Utah, October 2, 1866.

14. Who was the leader of your company or train?
14. Bishop Joseph S. Rolling [Rawlins] was the leader of their ox train.

31. Do you recall seeing any buffalo or hunting any wild game? If so, tell about some incident.
31. During the trip across the plains they saw a large herd of buffalo, they stampeded in front of their ox train and into a nearby stream, the ox train was held up nearly an hour; after the buffalo had been to water, they came back the same trails and into the nearby country to feed.

34. The family purchased a cow in Iowa and William Olson walked and led their cow from Iowa to Salt Lake City, then to Mount Pleasant, Utah. During the trip the cow became tender footed, so they wrapped it's feet with sacks and made shoes for it out of old boot tops and any other material they were alble [able] to get. There were about two hundred people with the ox train, sixty five wagons using five head of oxen to the wagon. There was only one other milk cow with this outfit and as there was a number of small babies along, the milk from these two cows was used by them.