Transcript for Orson F. Whitey, History of Utah: in Four Volumes, Volume 4 (Salt Lake City, Utah: George Q. Cannon & Sons Co., Publishers, 1904), 591

Ruth Mosher married John Pack in the year 1845. She was with her husband in the exodus from Nauvoo, and remained at Winter Quarters, on the Missouri river, while he as one of the Pioneers accompanied President Young to the Rocky Mountains, returning to her the same season. Says Mrs. Pack: "When we left Nauvoo we were well supplied with teams and wagons, and also had a carriage. When we left Winter Quarters we had two yoke of cattle and one yoke of cows on a good wagon. This team, myself and Mr. Pack's wife Nancy [Aurelia Pack] drove, yoking, unyoking and caring for them. Most of the time our provisions were parched corn-meal and milk, with once in a while a little rice and sugar.

We left Winter Quarters the latter part of April, if I remember rightly. Howard Egan was the captain of our ten. We were associated on the journey with the families of President Young and President Kimball, and drove right behind Brother Kimball's teams. Mr. Pack had an ox killed in an attack made by Indians on our cattle at the Elk Horn. The ox belonged to the team that Nancy and I drove. William Kimball and Howard Egan had horses wounded at the same time."

This emigration reached Salt Lake Valley in September and October, 1848.