Transcript for Orson F. Whitey, History of Utah: in Four Volumes, Volume 4 (Salt Lake City, Utah: George Q. Cannon & Sons Co., Publishers, 1904), 121

"Upon our arrival at Iowa City, the point of outfitting for the plains, I found the company which had left me in New York many weeks before—they were still on the camp ground, engaged in making handcarts. I understood that a contract had been made with parties in St. Louis to furnish the carts, but the contractors had failed, and until about the 10th of August that the camp ground was cleared and all moved on in an organized capacity. I was appointed to assist Captain Benjamin Hodgetts, in what was called the Independent Company, fitted out by their own means with wagons and teams, and traveling in close proximity to the handcart companies. We reached Winter Quarters (now Florence) September 1st, and without delay moved on, with unusual anxiety for a successful journey across the plains. The first of November found us at the last crossing of the Platte, where we encountered a snow storm and were detained by it several days. Upon the experiences of suffering and death that followed I will not dwell. Finally all were made glad by meeting men and teams from Salt Lake City, bringing supplies and aid, which were much needed. The handcart workers, who were all worn out, were now released and with the other members of those companies conveyed the remainder of the way in wagons, as comfortably as circumstances would permit. On my arrival in Emigration Canyon, I was met by two of my brothers, who escorted me to my home, where I had the great joy of embracing the rest of my dear ones, after an absence of four years and three months; it being now December, 15, 1856."