Transcript for Orson F. Whitey, History of Utah: in Four Volumes, Volume 4 (Salt Lake City, Utah: George Q. Cannon & Sons Co., Publishers, 1904), 585

June 14, 1847, found her [Mary Isabella Hales Horne] and her family enrolled in Bishop Edward Hunter's company of one hundred wagons, on the way to Salt Lake Valley. Half these wagons were under the immediate command of her husband [Joseph Horne]. The family outfit consisted of two heavy vehicles, loaded with provisions, farming implements, seed grain, bedding, clothing, etc; also a light one-horse conveyance which Mrs. Horne drove. Only two incidents of note are mentioned by her in connection with the journey across the plains.

"One night," says she, "while we were on the Platte, hundreds of buffalo crossed the river, heading directly for the camp. The noise of the splashing in the water and the bellowing was terrible, and caused considerable commotion and anxiety, but when a few rods away they turned their course.

On another occasion, a band of Indians stopped the company and would not let us continue our journey until we had given them some provisions and other presents."

They arrived in Salt Lake Valley, October 6, 1847,. . .