Transcript for "Our Immigration," Deseret News, 14 September 1864, 400

OUR IMMIGRATION.—Cap. W. [William] B. Preston's train passed Ham's Fork on the 7th, teams looking well, and passengers all well. They may arrive this week.

Cap. J. S. Rollins [Joseph S. Rawlins] telegraphs from Little Sandy, 9th, "Train in good condition. Cattle doing well, all well."

On the 9th, at noon, Cap. W. [William] S. Warren passed Platte bridge all well.

Elder Joseph W. Young telegraphed from Julesburg, 11th, "Left trains yesterday. All well. Expect to be home by the 28th." These are the two last trains—Captains [William] Hyde and [Warren S.] Snow—and want 50 yoke of oxen to meet them as soon as possible, at the "head of Bitter creek certain;" they are coming on that route, and several of their cattle have the hoof-ail. The "expect to be home by the 28th" alludes to Elders Joseph A. Young, H. B. Clawson, Joseph W Young, W. C. Staines and others, who are now this side the late Indian difficulties, and are therefore no longer obliged to keep the slow pace of the trains for protection.

Elders George Q. Cannon and John W. Young arrived in New York, from Liverpool, on the 6th. They were well, and expected to leave in a few days for Atchison, hoping by that time to be able to cross the plains by stage.