Transcript for "Our Immigration," Deseret News, 31 August 1864, 384

OUR IMMIGRATION.—Capt. W[illiam]. S. Warren telegraphed from 62 miles beyond Laramie, Aug. 27th, that they were "all right." They are making good time, some 15 miles a day, and Capt. [Isaac A.] Canfield is probably near them, for they were together at Cottonwood springs.

Capt. J[oseph]. S. Rollins was at Deer creek, 411 miles from here, on the 26th, "passengers and teams doing well." Nine of their oxen died between Laramie and Deer creek, but that does not seem to have materially checked their progress, for they also are making good time.

Capt. John R. Murdock's mule train arrived on the 26th inst. Three adults and two children died on the road, and br. Sidney Beckstead, from Goshen, Utah county, was killed by the accidental discharge of his rifle, while on guard 12 miles this side of Platte bridge.