Transcript for Owens, William Thomas, Reminiscences, in Melda Beck, comp., Life History of William Thomas Owens, Sr. (1962), 2-3

In the late spring of 1862, we reached Florence, Nebraska, where a number of Saints were settled, trying to do a little farming. Father signed up with John R. Murdock’s Company to cross the plains in his train of fifty wagons, drawn by three or four yokes of oxen. Our teamster was a Mr. Stephens, From Provo, Utah. Captain Murdock was a splendid man, and to me that journey was a wonderful experience even though, I, at seven years of age, and my brother Edward, nine or ten, had to walk barefoot most of the way. We saw lots of Indians, most of them being friendly, and large herds of buffalo and antelope.

After four months of travel, we finaly reached the wonderful city of Salt Lake.