Transcript for Page, Jonathan Socwell, Autobiographical sketch 1902, 2

We crossed the Missouri River on the 4th day of June 1852 and soon after commenced the journey across the plain's, traveling in Capt. Outhouse's company. The first day from the river we stopped to noon on the Little Pappaio [Papillion] Creek and on turning our teams out on the grass to feed were attacked by the Indians and made an effort to drive off our stock but by a determined effort we drove off the Indians and saved our stock. The Indians then swooped down on a camp of gold diggers on the Creek, killed three of them and drove off some of their mules

The trip across the plains took three months. I arrived in Salt Lake City on the 3rd day of September 1852, being three months on the road. Having left the part of the company we had traveled with at the Pacific Springs at the South Pass and in company with Wilber Green, a boy about two years older than myself, We walked into Salt Lake without a blanket or an overcoat or arms of any kind and depended on the emigrants that we passed and the Indians for something to eat. The distance we walked being about 300 miles.