Transcript for Partial diary of Hannah B. Morley found in Morley family histories, undated

Wednesday July 26th, cool in morning, warm in middle of day, traveled about 14 miles, camped in a hollow where we had a little better feed, no water or wood except pine. Commenced raining about sundown, rained all night, had a good road all day with exceptions of hills and cobblestones.

Theresa [Arathusa Morley] appears a little better but tired. Passed Bro. Kimbals [Heber C. Kimball] camp in the morning, health generally good. Currants and cherries in abu[n]dance all along the road.

Thursday July 27th, rainy and cold in morning, broke away and grew warmer in afternoon, traveled 4 miles and camped at Heber Springs, thick timber underbrush a little grass, choke cherries, currants and gooseberries in abundance, poor chance for cattle.

565 miles from Winter Quarters, met some brethern from San Francisco who brought papers published by our brethern at the Bay, dated April1st.

Wrote some letters to send to our friends in Iowa State, a very severe thunder storm in the night.

Friday July 28th—cloudy and very wet and muddy in the morning cleared at noon, mud dried up some, we went on 43? miles, camped for the night, found variouskinds of currants and first sarvice [service] berries we have seen.

Saturday July 29th cloudy and cold all day, uncomfortable riding, traveled 13 miles over hills and hollows, camped at LaBonte river, a small stream of red looking water, our cattle had to pick bushes for a living. One of Bro. [Thomas] Bullocks oxen found dead in morning. xSsx

Sunday July 30th traveled about 6 miles, found good feed, woods inhabited by buffalo.

Saturday August 26th, unloaded one of our wagons and father [Isaac] Morley with others went back to assist Br. Kimbals company shower in afternoon, wrote letter to send to folks in Iowa.

Sunday Aug. 27th the teams started back to Iowa in the afternoon, also some more of the teams from the valley arrived here. Bro. Brigham [Young] went back to meet Br. Kimbal. Weather windy and disagreeable.

Monday August 28th – Cold in morning very white frost and ice quite thick, but pleasant in middle of day, done our washing, plenty of good water and wood, [Alexander] Williams company left xexxe here for the valley. Father Morley came back from Bro. Kimbal’s camp.

Tuesday 29th cold and windy rain and hail in afternoon, some of Bro. Kimbals company arrived.

Wed. August 30th more mild and pleasant. Isaac [Morley] went back to assist Bro. billi Billings with a team, 46 wagons arrived from the valley. Bro. Lewis came with them. Bro. Kimba Brigham returned from Bro. Kimbals camp quite sick.

Thursday August 31st very cold in the morning, ice over an inch thick on the wash in dish, Isaac returned from the other camp.

Friday Sept. 1st rain in fornoon cleared in afternoon, Bro. Brighams company left the camp in the afternoon. Bro. [Thomas] Bullock went with him, Bro. Kimbals company arrived at the Sweet Water, camped 1 mile below us, Helen very sick, a sister in the mississippi company, buried a short distance from the place, also a child of Bro. [Sylvester H.] Earl.

Saturday Sept. 2nd – very rainy and cold all day and night. Mother [Abigail] Woolsey died in the night left at Sweet Water.

Sunday Sept. 3rd – very cold traveled miles, camped on Pacific Creek, weather moderated some.

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Sunday 28th – remained all day at the [Elk] Horn, very rainy and muddy, all in good health.

Monday 29th – remained again at the Horn all day. washed having good place and good water and plenty of wood. Bro. Brighams teams crossed the river.

Father Morley took a ride with Bro. Brigham on the 31st, assisted in organizing a company to go on. Two ladies belonging to Bro. [William] Kays company went out after gooseberries, got lost, stayed out all night, they were found the next morning about 3 miles from camp.

Thursday June 1st – about one oclock a company of 100 left for the Platte, Lorenzo Snow, (captain). Bro. Kimbal arrived at the Horn with his company and some of the[m] crossed the river. A child [Edward Meeks Gully] of Bro. [Samuel] Gully’s was buried today on the West side of the river.

Friday June 2nd the remainder of Bro. Kimbal’s company crossed the river. Bro. Hyde and [Wilford] Woodruff came to visit us also a Mr. Mudge and Stootsman—this day we have attended a funeral of a sister [Martha Turner] Taylor from the State of New York, she died of the measels, also a pair of twins [Syrenus and Cyrus Van Fleet] were born and died and were buried today.

Saturday June 3rd all well nothing particular to mention except a very heavy thunder shower in the midst of which two of our oxen strayed away, but were found 2 miles off.

June 4th Sunday – went to meeting in the forenoon, washed in the afternoon (good soft water) singing in the evening.

Monday June 5th – 7 oclock took our departure from the Horn, quite cold, uncomfortable riding, about 9oclock a sister [Lucy Simmons] Grove[s] fell from her wagon and one wheel passed over her body, another over her leg, broke the bone but the company was detained but a short time. . .

We arrived near the Platte about 3oclock in the afternoon, very pleasant place to camp, singing and prayers at Bro. [William W.] Majors [Major] wagon in the evening.

Tuesday June 6th—journeyed 13 miles, camped beside the Platte, pleasant place, all well except father [Isaac] Morley, his side very sore.

Wednesday June 7th —proceeded onward traveled 10 miles to Shell Creek encamped about 2oclock had quite a heavy shower, after the shower some of the men went hunting. Bro. Potter killed an Antelope and plenty of fresh clams in the creek also fish one of the brethern caught one that weighed 10 pounds, singing and prayers at father Morley’s wagon in the evening.

Thursday June 8th—very rainy and cold in forenoon, cleared in afternoon some of the brethern went hunting, brought in another Antelope, singing and prayers at Bro. Bullock’s wagon, peace and harmony prevailing in our midst.

Friday June 9th—left Shell Creek, traveled 15 miles encamped beside another creek, pleasant place and pleasant day, a boy broke his leg, the wagon run over it. Found plenty of sweet flag, singing and prayers at father Morley’s wagon, peace and harmony prevailing. .

Saturday June xx 10th—traveled 13 miles very warm day, Bro. Bullocks oxen gave out so camped by a lake which abounded in fish. Amasa caught 6 in a short time, good clear water and plenty of good dry wood, all well, singing and prayers at father Morley’s wagon. .

Sunday June 11th held metti meeting, instructions from Bro. Young, very warm day. Evening services at father Morley’s—

Monday June 12th—quite cool, traveled 16 miles crossed Beaver river, and encamped at Rumb [Plum] Creek.