Transcript for "Passenger List," Deseret News, 19 September 1866, 333


J. W. Shepherd, wife and 5 children; H. Cottle wife and 5; G. Harper, wife and 4; H. G. DeGraff, wife and 2; L. G. Blanquist, wife and child; G. Selby, wife and 4; F. Oliver, wife and 3; T. Olsen, wife and 1 child; E. Dibden, wife and 1 child; W. C. Chappell, wife and 3; W. Selley, wife and 1 child; W. Lake, wife and one child; G. Buno, wife and 5; J. Bateson, wife and 3; W. Sambourn [Lambourne], wife and 7; W. Bates, wife and 8; S. Rees, wife and 2; W. Driver, wife and 3; J. Young, wife and 2; W. Norris, wife and 4; J. Anderson, wife and 2; B. Oscroft, wife and 4; B. Tibbett, wife and 4; J. Wadman, wife and 5; J. Adkins, wife and 4; A. Fennemore, wife and 5; R. Barnicle, and 2; S. Shingleton, and 5; A. Slack, wife and son; J. Adams, wife and son; M. A. Guiver, and 6; M. A. Goddard, and 4; M. A. Burnett, and 1 daughter; W. Stoner, wife and 2; T. Thorpe, wife, 3 brothers and 1 sister; H. Van Steter, wife and 5 children; H. C. Hartog and wife; M. Hibbard and 3 daughters; S. A. Cordingly and infant; G. E. Hawkins; J. Nutt; H. Cox; W. Pinney; M. Morris; W. and F. Foulger; G. Elmer and 2 sisters; L. Warren and daughter; E. Paxman; S. W. Alley; E. J. Stocking; C. Ingham and wife; R. Anderson and wife; W. Cull; J. Durrant; C. Cockett; H. and F. Wilson; Dorcas Robinson and daughter; S. Quarm, son and daughter; J. Reed: M. J. Hewlett and infant; S. Blade and daughter; A. Shurrager; G. Wearing; J. Wood and wife; C. Denny; R. Wright and wife; M. Wright and daughter; J. Thurgood; J. W. Rider; E. Ferguson; J. White, wife and son; W. Daniels; A. Van Toll and daughter; S. Klosner and daughter; W. White and wife; F. Hodder; B. Williams; E. Rees; T. Jones; J. Cossey, wife and 4 children; E. Mason and 2; J. Berrett, mother, son and daughter; J. P. Evans, wife and 3 children; W. Bowen, wife and 2; R. Williams; S. Wheeler; R. Watts, wife and 6; E. Tavner; S. Humphreys and 2 sons; P. Taylor; D. Jones and wife; W. Moore and wife; E. Harmon and 2 sons; H. Mitchell; H. Kennersly, wife and 2 sons; W. Pinney; R. Wood; A. Rivers, wife and daughter: J. Howell; F. Ellis; J. Tracey and wife; M. Monteith; M. J. Monteith; A. Miller; G. E. Grove, wife and 4 children; T. H. Smuin; M. Smuin; H. Brooks; E. Brooks; H. Gillard, wife and infant; E. Trimnell; R. Morrell and infant; J. Livermore; A. Gentry; E. T. Keys; J. Brett; N. Hawkes; R. Allen, wife and 3 children; A. Meeks, wife and family.