Transcript for "George Patten, reminiscences", DUP Pioneer History Collection, Page 3.

In the fall of 1849 I went back to St. Joe. [Joseph] My father was living near there trying to get an outfit to go to Utah, so I helped him and in the summer of 1850 we came to Utah in Wilford Woodruff's 100 and Edson Whipple's 50. My team consisted of a yoke of 3 year old steers, two yoke of cows and a yoke of 2 year old heifers. Father's team was two yoke of cows, so we had plenty of milk. We left Florence on the Missouri River on June 21 and arrived in Salt Lake City on October 3, just eight years to the day from the time we arrived in Nauvoo, and in the same man's company, that of Edson Whipple.