Transcript for Pay, Mary G. to S. S. Jones,Handcart Veterans Association, 18 Oct. 1908. Handcart Veterans Association, Scrapbook, 1906-1914, fd. 5

Provo Utah Oct 18 1908

Mr S S Jones

Dear Bro

i will now try and send you a Little of our history as you requested[.] my parents name[s] were William an[d] Mary Goble[.] there were 6 Children Mary Edwin Caroline Harriet James and Fanny, we Left our home in Brighton sussex england May 19 1856, came to London that Day the next to Liverpool[.] went on board the ship Horizon that night sailed on the 25[.] when we were in the river the Crew mutinied[.] they Faught terrible they were put on shore and another Crew Came on Board[.] when we were in the Banks of New Foundland we were in a fog[.] all at once the Clouds parted[.] we were Close to a Large Ice Burge [iceberg.] it Look like a mountain[.] the sun shone till the ship was out of Danger when the Fog Closed in again[.] we Landed in Boston took train for Iowa Camp ground[.] my sister died the 19 of July 1856 on Iowa Camp Ground[.] she was 2 years all but 4 days[.] took Cold through Getting wet[.] she was just getting over the measles

we Left about the 20 to Travel through the states in Capt J Hunts wagon company to Council Bluffs[.] we started for the Plains Sep 1 1856[.] the 23 of Sep my mother was Confined with a Little Girl we named her Edith[.] She Died and was burried the Last crossing of the sweet water [Sweetwater] for the want of nourishment[.] our mother never got well[.] she Lingerd for 11 weeks and died the 11 december 1856 Between the Big and Little mountain about 4 oclock in the afternoon[.] she was Burried in the City Cemetary[.] i rode in the same bed with my Dead mother till 9 oclock that night[.] my Bro James was Froze in his bed at Devils Gate[.] went to Bed well in the morning was dead[.] there were Father and 4 of us Left[.] 3 out of the 4 froze[.] i lost all my toes[.] my Bro Edwin Lost part of his Toes and Carrie part of her Big toes[.] we were told to stay and help the hand cart companys[.] my Father shared his provisions with the company[.] that made us short and we suffered with the rest[.] i saw a enquiry about Bro Stone[.] my husband Br Pay was Driving the Cattle up one morning[.] some of them ran in the brush[.] he went after them[.] he saw a part of a mans Leg and arm and his vest his watch was in his pocket[.] he came to camp and notif[i]ed Capt Hunt and Spencer and they went with him to the place[.] it Looked Like he was tired and sit down to rest[.] Br Pay Gave the watch to his sister[.] i have Forgotten her name[.] they Came to spanish Fork[.] her Daughters name was anna[.] she married Bishop wells of spanish Fork[.] I Knew Bro Stone well[.] he would often stay to our Camp with his sister.

now Bro Jones i hope you can make this out[.] this is Correct as i can tell it From memory hoping you will take the part out that you want

From mrs MARY G Pay
Nephi City Juab Co utah

my husband Richard Pay Buried his Baby Girl [Marinda Nancy] at Chimney Rock and his wife sarah at Bridger[.] his feet were Froze very bad[.] he arrived in salt Lake 14 December 1856