Transcript for Peacock, George, Journal and reminiscences, 1851 Nov.-1861 Apr., vol. 3, 22-23

Tuesday, the 21st Bro. Feresmore [Faramorz] Little met us, also my Son W. H. Peacock and conveyed us to Florence[.] after remaining a few Days to fit up for the Plains we were joined to Peter Nebukirs [Nebeker's] Church train Leaving Florence for Salt Lake City on the 26th Sunday. our mess consisted of myself, John Needhom[,] Jacob G. Bigler[,] Sister Elizabeth Cannon & three children—Hannah Howard[,] Elisa Lyons and Mary Honyboy [Hornsby] our journey was somewhat Tedious and we were subjected to all the hardshps and incidents attending a journey across the plains[.] the weather hot and dry—over twenty souls died. among whom was a little girl of Sister Geo. Q. Cannon, Georgeana[.] she died on the 2d day of Sept. I Soldered the body up in a tin churn[,] Boxed it up and Bro. F. Little conveyed it to Salt Lake for burial.

[The journal skips from July to September]

the 24th Day of September We arrived in Salt Lake City and was gladly Received by President B. Young and many relitives & friends.