Transcript for Pedersen, H.J. to Lars Pedersen, 19 Oct. 1862, in Hans Jorgen Peterson, Autobiography, 14

Farmington Oct. 19, 1862.

Dear Brother Lars Pedersen:

I am well and fortunately now have arrived in Salt Lake Valley, so I will again take my pen and tell you about the journey over the desert. . .I crossed the plains with Rasmus Hogard [Jorgen Rasmussen Hoggard]. We had good luck and a quick journey. We left Florence on July 14. The first half of the journey approximately to Fort Laramie, Wyoming the country is level with grassy plains. Later the road over and among the mountains most of the way. We had enough water every day and grass for the oxen there is no great scarcity of. So we got along well.

The 23rd of September we reached Salt Lake City. . . .