Transcript for Peter Olsen Hansen papers, circa 1869-1893, Journal, 1849 April-August

May, Wedenssd. [Tuesday] the 15. Crossed the Missouri at fort Kearny & went on about 1½ mile & encamped on Table creek after crossing it. The feed is good & weather pleasant.

[-] [Wed] The 16. Remained on same place. Bro. Howard Egan called the company together for the purpose of organizing. The officers were chosen as follows:

Howard Egan—Captain of the company; chosen and authorized by the company.
Elijah Elmer—Captain of the guard & herding. chosen by the Captain after being granted this privilege by the Co. & authorized by the co.
James Graham—Capt. of 1st ten: chosen & authorized by the co.
Reuben Hildreth—Capt. of 2d ten. chosen & authorized by the co.
G. H. Hoit—Clerk. chosen & authorized by the co.

Friday Thurs the 17. Traveled about 14½ m[ile]s & encamped on the prairie.

Satid. Friday 18. Traveled about 10 ms. & encamped on Weeping Water. Wood very scarce.

Satid. 19. Rain last night. We forded with double teams as the banks were high & steep. Traveled 6 ms & encamped on Willow creek after crossing it with double teams. Some Box elder trees here. 3 more wagons joined us: Bro Nathan[iel] Jones & family, W[illia]m. Jones & family, Fred[erick] Jones & family, Charles Snow. & John Steward.

Sund. 20. remained on the spot. showery & windy. think this is Weeping water & the last one Clara Water or le an de Clair

Mond. 21. pleasant weather. Went on to Salt–creek or Saline, the banks being high & steep we had to let the wagons down by a rope. This is the largest stream we have crossed. its water is a little salty from Salt banks being above. plenty Cottonwood good grass on the bottom. most of the cattle would not drink it. Met 3 teams of the gold seekers going back home. past a camp. Encamped on an a dead branch. some wood, good grass, standing water. 12 ms. From Saline to Elkcreek 16 ms.

Tuesd. 22. cold & windy. went on to Elkcreek. first rate chance for watering team & plenty cottonwood. Encamped on the prairie after traveling about 15 ms

23 past by oak grove. encamp on prairie. 15 ms. going back

Thursd. 24 Windy & dusty forenoon & stormy afternoon, encamped on a creek near Platte river. [Stephen] Winche[st]r & family accompanied by John Thackham & James Dimond. A company from Nodaway encamped here. 4 cases of Colerah, 4 dead. & 1 of another co. 22 ms. travel.

Our Co. now number 57 human souls.
6 horses.
5 mules.
91 oxen.
23 21 cows.
3 young catle.
21 fowls.
6 dogs.
22 wagons.

Howard Egan: 4 mules, 30 oxen, 4 cows, 6 fowls, 1 dog, 7 wagons, 9 in family
Nancy E. [Egan]
Helen J. E[gan].
Peter [O.] Hansen, 30 year old
Orson Whitney, 20 year old
Franklin Edwards, 17 year old
Solon McFarlin, 17 year old
Stephan [Stephen] G[h]een, 14 year old
Darius Shirtz [Shirts], 13 year old
James Graham, 45 year old, 14 oxen, 3 wagons, 3 in family
Robert Graham: 20 year old
James Graham jun.: 13 year old
[Total,] Transport: 4 mules, 44 oxen, 4 cows, 6 fowls, 1 dog, 10 wagons, 12 in family
Elijah Elmer, 39 year old, 6 oxen, 1 cow, 2 wagons, 6 in family
Mary Elmer, 39 year old
James H. [Henry James] Christman [Crisman], 19 year old
Elizabeth Christm. [Crisman], 16 year old
Annas [Annis Hulda] Elmer, 11 year old
Crusa Christman [Crisman], 9 year old
Phillip Klingensmith, 33 year old, 2 oxen, 4 cows, 1 dog, 1 wagon, 7 in family
Hannah Klingens[mith]., 23 year old
Sarah Ann Kling[ensmith]. 7 year old
Moroni Kl[ingensmith]., 4 year old
Hannah Kl[ubgebsnutg]., 3 year old
Susan Colman, 10 year old
Emma Campbell, 10 year old
Jackson Clothier, 26 year old, 2 oxen, 1 cow, 1 wagon, 3 in family
Emma Clothier, 56 year old
James Easton, 2 year old
Reuben Hildreth, 2 horses, 6 oxen, 2 cows, 1 fowl, 1 dog, 1 wagon, 5 in family
Alexander Coles
G. H. Hoit
Rachel Kingsley, 39 year old
Mary Humes, 11 year old
Nathaniel [Vary] Jonas [Jones], 26 year old, 6 oxen, 2 cows, 1 dog, 1 wagon, 4 in family
Rebecca Jones, 21 year old
Clarah [Clara] Jones, 3 year old
Harriet Jon[es]., 1 year old
W[illia]m. Jones, 28 year old, 6 oxen, 2 cows, 1 wagon, 5 in family
Rebecca Jones, 25 year old
Ellen Jon[es]., 3 year old
Winfield Jon[es]., 2 year old
Flora Jones, ½ year old
Frederick Jones, 31 year old
Samentha [Samantha] Jones, 25 year old, 6 oxen, 1 wagon, 4 in family
John Steward
Charles Snow
Transport, 2 horses, 4 mules, 78 oxen, 14 16 cows, 7 fowls, 4 dogs, 18 wagons, 46 in families

Steph[en] Winchester, 53 year old, 4 horses, 1 mule, 13 oxen, 7 cows, 3 young Cattle, 14 fowls, 2 dogs, 1 cat, 4 wagons, 11 in family
Nancy Winchester, 53 year old
Stephen W[inchester]. jun., 28 year old
Mary W., 20 year old
Maria W., 20 year old
James W., 17 year old
Mary E. Coisa[Corsa], 40 year old
Mary E. Coisa j[un]., 9 year old
Emerline[Emmeline] C[orsa]., 2 year old
John Thackham, 22 year old
James Di[a]mond: 25 year old

[Totals], 6 horses, 5 mules, 91 oxen, 21 23 cows, 3 young cattle, 21 fowls, 6 dogs, 1 cat, 22 wagons, 57 persons

Frid. 25. Heavy rainstorm in the forenoon werefore we encamped at Noon. Pleasant afternoon. As the river was rising rapidly & our wagon stood rat[h]er low we moved about a mile[.] About 11.5 [115] ms from Misso[u]ri

Saturd. 26. pleasant. traveled to above the Pawnee village. about 18 miles. Two Pawnees seen. good grass al[l] the Time

Sund. 27. pleasant. Traveled about 4 ms. Burned some coals[.] A co. from Atchison Co. Mo. past this afternoon.

Mond. 28. sunny. much of sandy road. & muddy also, these last three dais [days]. Traveled about 17 miles; encamped on the river.

Tuesd. 29. pleasant. Report: that 60 individuals had died with Colerah between Independence & Grand Isl[an]d. Traveled about 12 miles and encamped on the river.

Wed. 30. rainy morning. Traveled about 12 miles & encamped off from the river on a slough.

Thursd. 31. rainy. Traveled about 14 miles, encamped on a slough off from the river. A large co. came in from the St. Jo[hn]. road. 4131 Wag[ons]. past here.




Frid. the 1st. pleasant. Traveled on an stopt to bede at the fort Kearny formerly fort Childs at the head of Grand. Island. Wagon worth 125 dollars sold for 15 to 20 dollars here[.] bacon 1 cent pr lb. 2000 wags at the crossing of South fork.


Sat. 2d. pleasant. Traveled about 16 ms. encamped on the river. Learnd that the South Fork is fordable.

Sund. 3d. pleas[an]t. Traveled about 10 ms. encamped on Plumb creek, near the river. Good grass as yet. 4. pleast. Traveled along the creek, crossed it ok on a dry place & encamped after comeing about 16 miles on a slough near the river. A Co. of U.S. Dragoons past by, going to fort laramie Oregon.

Tuesd. 5. windy weather. Traveled about 17 ms and encamped on a slough near the river.

Wed. 6. heavy rain in the night. and this forenoon wherefore we only moved a small 1¼ mile.

Thursd. 7. pleasant. traveled about 15 ms on the upper road which was tollerable good. Crossed two or three dry creeks and encamped on the last which has some standing water and a good spring below the road. plenty of wood. Road 1 mile from the river. Frid. 8. pleasant. heavy rain and wind last night. About 6 ms above the junction of the North & South forks. saw 2 buffalos.

Frid. 8. pleasnt. traveled about 14¼ ms[.] crossed 2 dry creek with cottonwood & box elder trees. Bluffs rocky. lime

Sat. 9. cloudy. Mr. J Cox of Polk Co. Mo. belong to Nelson Comp. died last night with the Colerah after very few hours illness. after crossing some old dry creeks, some ponds, & come about 20 ms we crossed the South fork with duble tea[ms.] we went strait across. This afternoon we met Bro. Tomas Williams & Levi Merrills coming from the Valley going to the States. they had bene robd by the Crows.

Sund. 10. pleasant. Traveled about 13 miles crossing, the Bluffs. Encamped on the north side off from the river <1 mile>. saw many Buffalos, killed one

Mond. 11. pleasant. heavy rain & wind last night. Traveled on & crossed over the Cedar bluffs & encamped 1 mile from the river. left our cattle out. come 20 miles. The road naturally good but spoiled by those wh cutting in wat times.

Tuesd. 12. cloudy. come about 12 ms & encamped about 1 m from the river. very good feed as yet. past a place where there is some ash wood near the river about 7-8 ms west of Cedar Bluffs. About 7 ms west of Cedar Bluffs we met 3 wagons from the Valley, the Company consisted of Bro. Lorenzo Young & part of his family, Bro. [text missing] & family, [text missing] & a man who was going on towards the gold mines in a company which got fighting amongst themselves & he was wounded & returns back with these folks.

Weds. 13. cloudy. Heavy rain last night. & also this evening. Went on about 5 ms where we past between the bluff & a Cedar grove on a low place, went a few miles farther & past a place with plenty of wood, ash & Cedar & after that we assended the hills which are very steep & came down into Ash hollow & followed it down & out of its mouth & encamp about 1 mile above. Grass ate up by other catle. Rain this evening

Thursd. 14. pleasant. Went on a few miles & bated about 2 hours. Encampd after traveling about 18 ms on a creek near the river. feed not very plenty. Mosquitos very trouble som. road very sandy whole day.

Frid.15. pleasant. heavy rain & wind last night. left our cattle out. Traveled about 15 ms & encamped on a big creek near the river, where the big Cedar woods are on the bluffs about 4 ms from the river. In the forenoon we crossed a shallow stream. Winchester had a wheel broke. left our catle out. good feed.

Satr. 16. cloudy. good road forenoon, very hot, bad road afternoon[.] traveled about 12 ms & encamped near the river. after crossing a big creek & a small one & some springs, one in the head of a revine on the lower side the road. feed is first rate.

Sund. 17. hot. Travelled about 15 ms on tolerable good road, encamped about 1 mile from the river. good feed about 10 ms below Chimney rock.

Mond. 18. hot & windy. Went past Chimney rock. good grass above it; good springs at it; plenty of grass & water ponds or lakes below about 5 ms in the valley. After comeing about 18 ms we encamped on the river above City bluffs. good road today.

Tuesd. 19. pleasant, small hail shower afternoon; went on around Scotts Bluffs; good grass & very good road but no water; encamped in the mountains on a deep gully with a small stream in the bottom, plenty wood, some traders liming here in houses. Our catle are suffering for want of water.

Wed. 20. pleasant. started at sunrise or before, went about 10 ms & encamped on Horseshoe creek which is wide & shallow, not far from Platte. after comeing down from the bluffs we crossed a creek with muddy water & bad to cross. At the foot of the bluffs we crossed another wors[e] one and then the Horseshoe. A [illegible word] regiment of Dragoons with a great number of bagage wagons encamped with us.

Thursd. 21. hot & dusty. past over the bluffs & encamped on the river with plenty of wood & good grass. road partly good & partly sandy. 14 ms.

Frid. 22 Saturd 23 hot & dusty. came over some other bluffs, & after traveling about 6 ms we crossed the laramie fork[.] as the river was very high we had to raise our waggon boxes about 6 inches. waited a while on account of rain & went on past the fort over the bluffs about 6 ms & encamped on a high place, turned our catle into a deep hollow on the left, no water.

Saturd. 23. Sund. 24. pleasant. Went on to what is called the warm spring where we watered & went on a few miles & stopped to gett suppers & went on to Otter creek & encamped, feed tolerable water best kind & wood best chance. Come about 15 ms.

Mond. 25. pleasant[.] traveled on about 7 ms & encamped on the creek, drove our catle up into a ravine where the grass was good.

Tuesd. 26. pleasant. went 13½ ms mostly on rough road, encamped on Horse creek where the feet was the very best. heavy rain this evening.

Wed. 27. pleasant. went 18 ms on good road, encamped on la bonte river. tolerable good feet. some rain. List of deaths in Nelsons Com: Mr. Hagan of Ky Co[,] Mr. Buchart of Morgan Co. Mo., Mr. J. Bradshaw of Van Buren Co. Mo.[,] Mr. Jason Cox of Johnson Co.[,] Mr. J. B. Olephant—Johnson Co.[,] Mr. David Amick of Morgan Co. all died of Diarha [diarrhea].

Thursd. 28. pleasant. traveled 18 <½> miles, encamped on la prele. feet [feed] rat[h]er skanty. road good with exception of the latter part. water here not very pure. gras rater skerce.

Frid. 29. pleasant, traveled 8 ms, encamped on Bois[']s fork, ill tasting water, good spring few rods above the crossing under the east bank. gras most ate up by gras hoppers. drove our catle over the hills into a big hollow to the right from the road where they done very well.

Saturd. 30. pleasant laid up to shoe oxen. Capt. Egan went on to the ferry ahorseback.




Sund. 1st. pleasant. Went to Deercreek & encamped, poor chance for feed. Capt. Egan came back.

Monday. 2. windy & dusty. traveled about 21 mile to the ferry. good feed on the bench & bottoms.

Tuesd. 3 cloudy & coole. reparing wagons &c. The Some of the troups going to Oregon & California are here trying to cross. More than half of them have deserted already & about half of the next are fixing themselves for to leave likewise. It was great joy to us to meat with our brethren who are ferrying here.

Wed. 4. pleasant. continued our works. two men of the soldiers & a hors drowded [drowned] trying to cross. several others have Drownded & a number of wagons lost. Mr. Frederic[k] [Frederick] Jones of our Co was accidently shot into his lower parts as he was trying to melt out the ball in his gun[.] Co. supper, invited the ferry men.

Thursd. 5. pleasant. continued our repairings.

Frid. 6. pleasant. continued our repairings.

Satrd. 7. pleasant. continued our repairings.

Sund. 8. rater windy. F. Jones died this afternoon. Bro. Benj. Jones arived here a horseback leaving his family about 75 miles behind him, send letters to the Valley by him. Frederic babtized

Mond. 9. same weather. Burried the dead. We crossed the river & went over the Sand hills & encamped on the river for the last time. feed tolerable. One wagon tire run off & the wheel broke down, we got another wheel in its place.

Tuesd. 10. pleasant. remained till sundown, setting tires[.] when we started & traveled by moonlight whole night[.] stopt to kook breakfast[.] went on again to Willow sp[rings.] watered & went on to that green hollow wher we found first rate grass. Westward. 11.

Wednsd. 11. here we are. good gras.

Thursd 12. cold windy & cloudy. traveled on to Indep[e]ndence Rock. This morning some of the catle were somewhat affected by mineral water. A larg number of dead catle are lying along the road

Frid. 13. cole & pleasant. traveled about 9 miles, encamp on the big bottom, good grass. sat tires &c

Sat. 14. pleasant. Very hot. traveled about 8 ms[.] encamp on the river above Sage creek.

Sund. 15. pleasant. Very hot. Traveled about 10 ms[.] encamp on the river. good feet. sat tires.

Mond. 16. cloudy. Traveled about 10 miles & encamped on the river. A new road has finely been made here which leads by Ice Spring. good feed. as the feed was short last night our catle rambled off & detained us.

Tuesd. 17. Went on by Ice spring & crossed the river, & went over the high mountain & encamped on the big bottom. feed tolerable good. Sr. K[l]ingensmith had a daughter. come over 20 ms.

Wedn. 18. hot. Went over the high mountains & encampd at a spring which runs into Strawberry creek. Come abot 9 ms.

Thurd. 19. pleasant. Traveled on about 20 ms & encamp on Sweet water on the top of a high hill with a beautiful view to the north about [blank space] ms above the last crossing. plenty good grass. Report brought that the deserting soldiers was calculating to rob Pomeroys & this Co. for provisions. Left an ox dying with the blody murr[a]in belonging to Widow G[h]een. Another one belonging to her left dying above Sulpher spring being very old & woar out. Yester day an ox died on the road being woar out belong to Wd.[widow] Jones. This morning a haphor [heifer] belogig to Winchest[er] found dead with bloody murrins
Plenty snow at last crossing.

Frid. 20. pleasant. Traveled till 2 o clock when we stopt on a swampy place about 3 ms beyond passific [Pacific] creek[.] went on again at 5 oclock & traveled whole night accompanied by Mr. Pomeroy & Co. Left a steer sick.

Saturd. 21. pleasant. Encamped on little Sandy about 3 ms below the ford where we left a Steer dying with the bloody murrin. Good grass. Came 36 since yesterday morning. Lost another Steer in the night. This evening had another oxe dy with bloody murrin. Good grass.

Sund. 22. pleasant, thunder showers in the afternoon. Traveled 13 miles, encamp 8 ms below the ford where the river runs within a mile of the road[.] good grass.

Mond. 23. pleasant. traveled to green river & drov our stock over on the other side onto much excelent feed. Wm. Kimball arived here 1½ before we did

Tuesd. 24. plesnt. ferryed the wagons over.

Wednesd. 25. plesnt. ferryed the wagons over. traveled 8 ms. encamp on river. feed enough[.] l ox dead belog to N. Jones.
Cpt. H Egan went on this morning with the mail.

Thursd. 26. pleasant. Went on (leaving an ox wich we did not find) encamped on Blacks fork, good feet. Nat. Jones had a steer stoal from him and went on and over toke the thief or thieves and toke it from them. Some deserters taken to day by Mr. Bridgers men whom they had stoalen horses from.

Frid. 27. plesnt. traveled little over 6 ms, enampd on Hams Blacks fork after crossing it. first rate feet.

Sat. 28. rater windy. As Sr. Jones, N. Jones wife was taken sick on child bed we remained here. A manchild was born, died & was burried under the banck 2-3 rods south of the road. good gras. Named Samuel.

Sund. 29. pleasant. traveled about 15 ms, encamped on Blacks fork. good gras.

Mond.30. pleasant. traveled about <22> ms. after passing fort Bridger we traveled on a new road up throug the cedar woods and crossed a stony hollow with running water. went ¾ or 1 mile fa[r]ther went down a very rough hill into the Walley of Muddy fork and encamped on a little Spring branch ½ mile this side the creek.




Tuesd 31 [July] pl. traveled about 11 ms, took the pioneers road wich was allmost blind, encamped at the first spring we came to, plenty grass.

Wed. 1. [August] pleasnt. traveled about 11 ms. encamped at the head of Yellow creek. good grass.

Thursd. 2 windy and very dusty. Went 18 ms encmpd on Red fork. good grass.

Frid. 3 pleasnt. traveled to within 2 ms of Weber river and encampd after meting H. Egan with others from the Valley with some wagons & ox teams. great joy. good grass.

Sat. 4. pleasant[.] went on, crossed the river and encmpd in Pratts pass. good grass in the Kanyon.

Sund. 5. pleasant, went on crossing, Kanyon encamped on Kanyon creek after crossing it 7 times. drov the Catle onto the bench.

Mond. 6. pleasnt. Went over the mountain. encamped at the foot of the next.

Tuesd. 7. rater dusty. Went over the mountain and went into the Valley. great pleasure.