Transcript for Petersen, Emma Matilda Backman, Biographical sketch, in Genealogical Charts and Biographical Sketches of Members of the L.D.S. Church, Ogden Stake, 26 vols., 3:120

Traveling from New York to Florence, Nebraska, crossing the plains in Captain Neberkers [Nebeker] Company, traveling with oxteams heavily laden, she with the rest of the boys and girls were compelled to walk nearly every step of the way barefooted, feet calloused, sore and bleeding oftimes very painful, but still courageous and happy in the thought they would soon reach zion.

Her father was a tailor by trade, and was also a splendid musician and many were the evenings he would play the violin and would enjoy a sociable time dancing around the camp fires.

She was a very happy little girl, but had one very sorrowful scene, which she often tells her children and grandchildren, her sweet little baby brother [Carl], the pride and joy of the family took very sick and died after a few days illness, and oh! how broken hearted she and her parents, brother and sister all were to bury the dear little soul on the wild desert.

The company dedicated a grave after the body was washed, dressed, and sewed up in a sheet, it was gently lowered into the grave without a box, some sage brush was spread over the body, then filling the grave with mother earth and placing a rock on top. As they stood with heads uncovered watching the little white object gradually lowered into the cold lonesome grave, they could think, but scarcely feel, how sad the poor mother's heart must be, to witness her babe being buried in the lone grave to remain unmarked by even a slab.

They reached Salt Lake City the following October,