Transcript for Peterson, Canute, Autobiography 1900, 140-41

Letter written at St. Louis May 17, 1856

I will leave St. Louis on the 20th with a large company, so you see I have a great deal to do. I feel glad for the confidence the Brethern place in me. And I know that I have not an enemy among the Saints, for all those who have come across the Sea with me, wish to go with me to the Valley. I think if the Lord blessed me as He has done, I will bring you a stove. I will bring you some dried fruit, and Peter a knife and Sarah some candy, and also the book. Kiss Peter and Sarah for me and I will pay you when I come home.

Letter written at Ft. Laramie, Aug. 13, 1856

My family I am bringing home consists of 267 souls, 52 wagons, 260 head of cattle, and 9 horses. Now if you can beat that I think you have done well. We have had 3 deaths, and 2 births, so the loss is about one.

I must tell you one thing I have not told you before. And that is about myself. I am very much plagued with rheumitism in my hips so that I limp considerable when I walk. I can say that I am broke down in my body, but not in Spirit. I am glad to tell you that I am broke down for the Kingdom’s sake. I have been faithful on my mission, and the Lord has blessed me more than many of my Brethern. I hope to see you about seven week’s from now, If I am prospered in my journey. The wind blows too much for me to write. Tell the children I am more than half way across the plains, the grass is poor, buffaloes plenty, Indians plenty, I will tell you more when I come home.

I will now draw my writing to a close. May the Lord bless you and all I am in duty bound to pray for.

From your husband in the new and ever-lasting Covenant.
Canute Peterson