Transcript for Peterson, Isabell Ashman, Interview, in Stella H. Day, comp., Builders of Early Millard: Biographies of Pioneers of Millard County, 1850 to 1875 [1979], 502

We rode in cattle cars to Fort Laramie. The teamsters were there. We were in John R. Murdock's company to cross plains and Newton McBride was our teamaster [sic]. His horses names were Jack and Prince, Liz and Bluch. Our teamsters, kept swearing. I said, "Newton, if you swore like that in England they would put you in jail". It was Jack, you son of a bi--- and Liz, you son of a bit--. Well when we first started out we thought that was the horse's names. My parents came with me. I had my 14th birthday on the boat.

When we got tired of walking on the plains mother would help us get in the feed box on back of the wagon. You bet Newton the driver didn't know we were in there. We just got so tired mother would tuck us in there, but you bet Newte would not let us if he knew about it because he thought too much of his horses.

We reached Salt Lake City in Oct.