Transcript for Peterson, Peter, [Interview], in "Utah Pioneer Biographies," 44 vols., 23:125-27

10. At what place did you join the company or wagon train with which you came to Utah?
10. He was with the Sharp and Spencer Company as a teamster, there was 46 wagons and 4 yoke of oxen for each wagon.

11. When did it leave for Utah?
11. It left for Utah June, 1864.

12. What was the place of your destination in Utah? Why did you come to Utah?
12. Our place of destination was Salt Lake City. And we came for our religion.

13. When did you arrive there?
13. We arrived on Oct. 1, 1864.

14. Who was the leader of your company or train?
14. Sharp and Spencer were the leaders of the Company.

15. Method of travel (handcart, ox team, mule team, horseback, etc.)?
15. The method of travel was by ox team, four yoke to the wagon.

31. Do you recall seeing any buffalo or hunting any wild game? If so, tell about some incident.
31. I do not recall seeing any buffalo or hunting wild game.

34. Tell about coming to your state in a covered wagon.
34. Here they fixed up cattle cars to ship the 1000 people. After we arrived, to the place where we were to take ox team, they asked for 43 teamsters. I voluntered and got a job. We stayed here for three months. We herded the oxen and each was given a long whip and was expected to learn how to drive. I had never seen an ox team before. After selecting the drivers they asked us if we could walk three miles. We said "Yes" and our bedding and our belongings were loaded on a wagon and was unloaded three miles from town. The Captain threw out the bedding, cooking equipment and supplies, then ordered us to get our own meals. For the next three months, I lived on fat bacon, coffee as black as your hat, and burned bread. I was glad when we arrived at our destination.