Transcript for Pettijohn, Edward L., Diary, 10F-10G

Three Crossings, Sweet Water, Aug 12th 1863, Record of the number of Mormons Trains Names of Capt, Number of Emigrants to in each train & number, Number of Wagons in each train & Name & Number have cattle, horses & mules.

Aug 12th.63, Train No 1, Capt Murdock 70 wagons, 380 Emigrants, 500 head Cattle = Church train, Emigrants mostly Danes & Swiss some English & Americans.

August 15th, Train No 2. Capt Patterson Independent train, Sixty wagons, Emigrants mostly English & Americans. About thirty were Africans from the Cape of good hope. Could not learn the Number of emigrants suppose about 150.

Aug 20th, Train No 3, Capt Saunders Church train 57 wagons, 500 emigrants nearly all Danes.

Aug 22nd, Train No 4, Capt WB Preston, 62 wagons, 250 emigrants, Sweedes, Danes, English & Americans. Passed in morning, Part Independent, Part Church.

Aug 22, Train No 5, Capt Young, 45 wagons, 200 emigrants, Emigrants mostly Danes, Church train Passed in afternoon.

September 6th, Train NO. 6, Capt Peter Nebacher, 69 wagons, church train 500 emigrants, English, Scotch, Irish, Danes, Norwegions, Dutch, Swiss, French I Americans & seen one of their womens monoeys.

Sept 15, Train No 7, Macarthur Capt, 65 wagons, 500 Emigrants mostly English, Church train.

Sept 16th, Train No 8, Capt Woolleys Church train, 50 wagons, 250 Emigrants.

Sept 17th, Train No 9. Capt Hate, 50 wagons, Church train 150 emigrants.

Sept 18 Train No 10 Capt Ricks church train 70 wagons, 500 emigrants English, Irish, Scotch & Welsh.

Sept 25th Train No 11 Capt Hites Church train 56 wagons, 230 emigrants Mostly English.